Extra long spaghetti with wheat, 500g bag, Spaghetti Nb#3

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 >> Short Pasta  has a long tradition in Tunisia, country sitting in the Mediterranean sea, located at 40 Km from Italy.


>> Tunisians are the 3rd consumers of Short pasta in the world per capita  Tunisia (13 Kg / Citizen / Year).


>> Tunisians consumers  are very demanding in terms of short pasta quality, this explains why short pasta MADE IN TUNISIA is at the best standards in the world.


>>Tunisian government restrics export or sale of any pasta if it's not made with 100% Durum semolina flour.

Another reason to guarantee the quality of our. 


>> All our pasta is made according to the tradition to manufacture premium quality Pasta,  from the finest  Durum Wheat Semolina Flour imported from Canada.


>> We carry a large variety of shapes of Pasta , all 100% Tunisian Made at the Highest quality standard and all with 100% Canadian Durum semolina flour.


Cooking Time 8 min
Bag Weight 500g



"OEM Brand"MOQ 2 x 20' Container
"Medilife Brand"MOQ 1 x 20' Container
"Other Established Brand"MOQ 1 x 20' Container



Pasta TypeWeight / 20'Bag / bundleBags / 20'Bundle / 20'
Long pasta28 Tons24*500g = 12 kg279962333
Short Pasta25 Tons24*500g = 12 kg249962083

ISO 9001
ISO 22000
Synergy PRD 22000


Nutritional values per 100g
Protein12.5 g
Carbohydrate73 g
Lipid1.9 g
Fiber1.15 g
Minerals0.65 g
Vitamins4.5 mg





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