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RIPE inflatable packer elements are a cost effective alternative to the existing equipment currently out of the USA and Canada for the Oil and Gas industries worldwide.

This type of inflatable packer element is typically used in the North American oilfields, Texas, onshore/offshore applications, Oil and Gas and are used in drill stem testing “DST” well tests. This particular inflatable packer manufactured from high temperature HNBR nitrile rubber, reinforced with heavy gauge woven wire, combined with a replacement inner tube had inherent and fundamental flaws. High pressures and a thick, inflexible outer rubber cover combined with heavy gauge wire reinforcing don’t allow sufficient rubber expansion and contraction, because of this, this packer tends to become ‘heat set’ and won’t return to its original diameter. All factors cause the rubber outer cover to deliminate and render it unfit for use.

RIPE’s inflatable packer elements are used in the coal bed methane “CBM well testing in Queensland, Australia and outperform original equipment four fold with the same expenditure.

There are at least two types of oilfield packer elements that are used in water well DST well testing. This other slatted type inflatable packer is also used in the oil and gas field for water well testing and has very high tolerance to heat, extrusion and anchoring capability which is why it is best suited for oil and gas well operations.

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