clear pvb film roll for safety laminated glass

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Product Overview


Qingdao Jiahua Plastics Co., Ltd. is established for producing the PVB FILM used for the laminated glass used in the building glass , the automobile glass , the photovoltaic glass. 

The quality index of the PVB films have reached to the world’s standard. And we have passed the ISO9001:2008 Certificate.We will try our best to produce variety of clear and colored PVB film to meet the demands from the customers in the future.


The general techinical data are as follows can help you understand our product more clearly



 Building film  index(0.38mm, 0.76mm, 1.52mm) Automobile  film  index(0.76mm)

Roughness Rz.  

                 15-70                                15-70                   

Moisture Content(%)

            0.35-0.55          0.35-0.55
Heat shrinkage rate(%)              ≤12.0             ≤ 8.0
Whacking value               ≥7               3-7
Visible light transmittance(%)               ≥ 80              ≥ 85
Haze(%)              <0.6              <0.4
Tensile strength(MPa)              ≥ 20              ≥ 20
Breaking elongation              ≥ 200              ≥ 200
Yellowness index(%)              ≤ 10              ≤ 10


Building Film Specifications:

Thickness: 0.38mm     length: 400m     width: 600-2500mm

Thickness: 0.76mm     length: 200m     width: 600-2500mm

Thickness: 1.52mm     length: 100m     width: 600-2500mm

Automobile Film Specifications:

Thickness: 0.76mm Length: 200m; Width: 600-1600mm

Colored PVB Film:

Thickness: 0.76mm Length: 200m;Width: 600-1600mm

Band width: 0-230mm  Band Color: green , blue

Normal Color: Clear

Attention: The special thickness like the 0.45mm, 0.60mm... can also be produced for you if the MOQ is 5000 SQM.




Packaging & Shipping

 1).Marks: it should include the product name, specifications, lot number, production date, expiration date, plant address and the brand name.

2).The package: the pvb film is insulated with PE film, cased into an aluminum foil bag, then vacuum sealed, and lastly into wood box or card drum. There should be quality certificate, packing list in the package. The marks of moisture proof, shock proof and sunlight proof should be labeled.

3).Transportation:there should be no direct sunlight, drench, and violent shaking during the transportation.

4).Storage: the product should be stocked in clean warehouse and normal temperature. It is forbidden to leave it under direct sunlight. As for the broken or opened package, they should be stocked under temperature of 20°C±5°C and in relative humidity of 20%-40%.

5).Shelf life: under normal atmospheric temperature, if well-packaged, the shelf life can be 2 years.




Qingdao Jiahua Plastics is willing to start business with your esteemed  company.

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