Elancoban Monensina Sodica 97%

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1Name: Monensin Sodium 2.CAS NO.:22373-78-0 Molecular Formula: C36H61O11Na Molecular Weight: 692.8

Monension sodium pure   ≥97% 

1.CAS NO.: 22373-78-0
2.Molecular Formula: C36H6111Na
3.Molecular Weight: 692.9
4.Physical Description :
  Appearance: White powder  with  faint  yellow cast
  Melting  range: 267~269 °C
  Optical rotation: +57.3°C for 1g  in  100Ml  methanol  at 25°C

Specification for Monensin sodium
white crystal powder
The retention times correspond to those exhibited in the chromatogram of the standard preparation obtained in the assay.
Loss on drying
Not more than 4.0%
Content of Monensin
A and B activity
The percentage of Monensin A activity is not less than 90%.
The percentage of Monensin A and B activity is not less than 95%.
= 900 µg/mg



For increased  rate  of  weight  gain; for  the  prevention  and  control of  coccidiosis  due  to Eimeria  bovis  and  Eimeria  zuernii  in  growing  cattle  on  pasture  or  in  dry  lot(stocker  and  feeder cattle  and  dairy  and  beef  replacement  heifers).



  The drug should be prohibited during layering period;
  Homogeneous mixing is essential ;
  It is highly toxic to horse family animals; 
  Drug should be withdrawn 3 days before slaughter; 
  It is forbidden to mix with Tiamulin or the equal; 
  Should be disposed of properly or according to the local environmental regulations.

7.Storage:  +2°C to +8 °C

8.Expiry: 2 years.

9.Packing: 25 kg / fiber drum


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