Polyester Putty/Car Body Filler

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Product Overview


Product Description

YK-650 Fibre Glass Fibre Polyester Putty exhibits fine filler that has a high mechanical strength and good filling properties.So it is mainly used for the repairing of damaged fibre glass substrates or filling of deep holes.

Pot life:6-8min/25°C 

Sanding:Sand after applied 40 min(25°C)


Fiberglass Putty TDS

1. Description

Fiberglass putty features properties of preventing cracking, lowering shrinkage and good fillibility, fast drying under ordinary temperature, no dent, good adhesion for most of the metal base material, good matching performance. Especially suitable for car body welding and connection, being effective to settle problems of shrinkage and dent in the part of welding.

2. Procedure

1. Completely remove the rust, oil dirt, old coatings and water from the surface; Keep substrate clean before scraping.

2. The Putty and Hardener should be mixed well to get uniform color.

3. Pot life: 5-7 mins at a temperature of 25.The mixture of Putty and hardener should be used up before gelling. If mixture begin to cure, must stop applying.

4.Scrape the mixture of Putty and Hardener into the spot defects which will be filled and scrape to evenness immediately.

5.In case of scraping thick coatings, it is preferable to apply in thin coatings for several times till reaching the objective thickness.

3. Technical data sheet

Testing Item

Technical Index

Testing Standard

01.Materiel state in container

Even dope without coarse block

According to GB3186-82(4)


Without shrinkage after curing, no crack


03.Thickness (cm)



04.Scraping time




Thickness of putty film:400±20um;≤100


06.Adheshion(pull open method)Mpa



07.Impact strength (kg.cm)

Thickness of putty film:1mm±20um;≥15


08. Heat resistance

(80 ± 2 ℃) 5 hours

No off powder, no crack, no shedding


Note: Scraping time and sanding time can be changed based on temperature, humidity and hardener using ratio.

4. For professional use only

Before using,read and follow all labels and MSDS precautions.

5. Application Substrates

1%-2.5% Hardener Paste.

 Pot life: 5-7mins /25


  Apply with the spatula


Refer to relevant health and Safety Data Sheets

Oil Removal



Store in a cool place



Rust Removal

6. Risk and safety information

1.Flammable,isolate from sources of heat, sparks and open flame.

2.Harmful by inhalation. Avoid inhalation of vapour and spray mist. Avoid inhalation of dust from sanding. In case of insufficient ventilation, suitable respiratory protection must be worn.

3.Avoid skin and eye contact.

7. Polyester putty

Composition: Unsaturated Polyester Resins, Talc Powder, Styrene etc

8. Notice

1. Do not add other reagents to reduce its consistency. Do not water sanding until the surface is completely dry.

2. Mix with BPO curing system Hardener.

3. Keep in sealed containers in cool, well ventilated place, away from sources of fire and heat. Direct sunlight should be avoided.

4. Storage time: 12 months at a temperature of 20.

5. Handing rules: light-light, non-inverted.


Packaging & Shipping


   4kg/tin, 4tins/carton 

Company Information

 Our factory have been producing the polyester putty and resins for manufacturing the car paint for 17 years,it's located in Guangzhou,our products have enjoyed high reputation in both of domestic and foreign market.

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