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Traditional Chinese medicine series: Acupoint Massage for All Diseases(Hardcover)
The acupoint massage therapy introduced in Shuqin Liu's Acupoint Massage Cure All Diseases / Chinese Traditional Medicine Health Care Series (hardback) is just a wonderful treasure house of Chinese traditional medicine. According to the meridian theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the human body is covered with various kinds of acupoints, which are closely related to different organs of the human body. Through a variety of treatment methods of acupoint, such as acupuncture, massage, finger pressure, etc., it can play a significant role in health care and treatment of related organs. This magical therapy has been widely spread all over the world. People are amazed at its remarkable curative effect, and try hard to imitate it.
There are many advantages of acupoint therapy. First of all, it is a treatment which doesn't involve the use of drugs, and especially can reduce many adverse reactions of Western medicine; second, it is a combination of treatment and health care which makes it more widely applicable; last, it is a treatment without space constraints, and it is simple and easy to learn; therefore, it is an effective self treatable and self healthy method.
The content of this book is simple, concise and comprehensive. With a large number of clear human body pictures which introduce the systematic knowledge of acupoint therapy to people clearly and accurately, readers can basically grasp it after reading it. This book is a mentor for the vast number of patients and medical workers. Acupoint massage therapy will undoubtedly produce significant curative effect for the auxiliary treatment of various diseases, home nursing and self-health protection.
Liu Shuqin
Shanghai Scientific and Technological Literature Press
Publishing time
September, 2016
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