Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath

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Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath

ultrasonic bath ultrasonic cleaner for Die &spinneret

1. Cleaning is totally automatic

2. Precise temperature control

3. Suitable for different thermo plastic polymers

4. Short cleaning cycles and low energy consumption

5. Safety and no pollution

1\tInput power supply\tAC220V 50Hz\t
2\tOutput power\t1500W\t
3\tOperating frequency\t28KHz\t
4\toperating current\t3.5A\t
5\tSize of cleaning cylinder\tL550*W550*H200\t
7\tOutside measurement\t
8\tQuantity of transducers\t24pc


Ultrasonic propagated in liquid can clean dirt on the surface of an object, the theory thereof can be explained by the phenomenon of “cavitation”: when sound wave pressure propagated by ultrasonic vibration in liquid reaches an atmosphere, the power density is 0.35 w/cm2, then the sound wave pressure peak value of ultrasonic can reach vacuum or negative pressure; however, no negative pressure actually exists, therefore, a tremendous force is produced in liquid and rip liquid molecules into a cavity, namely, a cavitation nucleus. The cavity is very close to vacuum, which can burst when the reversal of the ultrasonic pressure come up to the maximum. Intense impact produced from the burst can strike off dirt on the surface of an object. This phenomenon of generating a shock wave owing to burst of countless tiny cavitation bubbles is called “cavitation”. The cleaning machine adopts a single screw core type piezoelectric transducer which is bonded on a cleaning vibrating plate with high-strength structural adhesives, so that electric energy is transformed into ultrasonic mechanical energy.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath


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