Vmax wholesale UV cell phone Cleaner with fast wireless charger 4 in 1 Phone Sterilization Box

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Product Overview


Vmax wholesale UV cell phone Cleaner with fast wireless charger 4 in 1 Phone Sterilization Box

Product Description


Product parameters 
Input power5V/2A 9V 12A
Transmit power10W 5W 2W
Output current9V 1.0~ 1.5A 5W10.3A 5W/1A
Transmission distance10mm
Charging fficiency73%
Shape colorwhite
mobile phone Bayland watch ST + Bayland
 Net weight 500g
 Gross weight  600g
 Product size 202 * 202 * 52mm
Packing size210 * 210 * 62mm
 Carton size 61 * 43 * 43.5cm
 Packing quantiy40pcs /box
Packing weight25kg


Quick Guide

1.Connect power supply with the usb-c cable, then the red LED blinks one time, blue one blinks for one time too. Red LED indicates wireless charge mode and blue one indicates sterilization mode.
2.Put the items to be sterilized into the sterilization box, close the lid, and touch sterilization switch to start sterilization. It takes 3 min to finish sterilizing.
After that, the light flashes for 5 s and then turns off
3. Wireless charging function : place the mobile phone at the wireless part, touch the charging switch to start wireless charging. The red indicator keeps flashing(breathing) during wireless charging; The headset starts charging when it be plugged in, and the apple watch can be charged when it is placed in the charging area.
4.Wireless charging can work with sterilization mode at the same time. When working together, red and blue indicator breath(flash) together
Charging and sterilizing can also work separately.

1 Before use, please connect power supply, the product stays in wireless charging mode, the indicator light shows red, it will stay on for 30 seconds and then turn off to be standby if no device on charging area.
2 If the red light is not on, please check whether the charging cable or plug connected to power supply correctly.
3 The indicator lights are red/green/blue.

Magnetic Switch
The sterilizing box will automatically turn on the uv light to sterilize after you close the lid, and it will automatically close the uv light after opening the cover with the design of magnetic switch, which prevent any harm to human body or eyes .

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Company Information


VMAX is a technology oriented enperprise in Guangzhou,integrating the research, development, design and production of mobile phones and LCD peripheral products. We have a brand VMAX registered in Guangzhou.We have 11 years of production and other electronic peripheral product manufacturing experience. V-MAX'S design is originated from Hong Kong. We understand the importance of design,so we take product packaging, color combination, product appearance, texture and function application into full consideration. In order to offer our consumers unprecedented and refreshing feeling,we do development in simple design...


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