adult 30-50kgs infant up to 5kgs silicone laryngeal mask

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1. Remove the product from the pouch, and preventing to be polluted.
2. Using a syring with Ruhr tapered joint to deflate the air completely (picture 1)
3. In the back tip of the LMA, coating a small amount of water-soluble lubricants (or saline), and grip the LMA with a pen-style
4. Make the patient's mouth opening, and place the back tip behind the front teeth(picture 2)
5. Assisted with the index finger along the jaw slowly, and pressed until feeling the resistance.(picture 3)
6. Before removing the index finger, with your other hand pressing the endotracheal tube to prevent displacement(picture 4)
7. Using a syring to open the valve, and inflate the air to the indicating pressure on the cuff(no more than the max capacity).
Put into dental pad, fixed position, and maintain ventilation.(picture 5)
8. After using, deflate the air completely, and then pull out LMA.
9. The specification of Laryngeal Mask:

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