Китай, оптовая продажа, натуральный пеньковый Канат для украшения, прочная и крепкая джутовая пряжа, сизальный пеньковый Канат, цветной джутовый канат

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Product Overview


China wholesale Nature hemp rope for decoration strong and firm jute yarn sisal hemp rope colorful jute rope

Product Description

1.Jute fabric is 100% Biodegradable, it's natural environmental protection.
2.Cheap in cost.
3.Tensile strength is high.
4.Produce no irritation in skin.
5.Jute Fabric is highly breathable and comfortable to use.
6.Jute Fibre can be blended with Natural and Synthetic fibers.
7.Available easily and the overall productivity of Jute Fiber is good
8.Moisture regain of jute fabric properties is 14%,it's relatively good.
9.Jute have great antistatic properties ,tensile strength is high and it's a insulating fiber.
10.Can be widely used in Agriculture Sector, Textile Sector, Woven Sector, Nonwoven Sector.


1.Moisture Permeability
3.Natural Health
5.have own factories
6.many color available

Name:China wholesale Nature hemp rope for decoration strong and firm jute yarn sisal hemp rope colorful jute rope
Craft: we can make dye jute cloth, laminated jute cloth, filled jute cloth, and printed logo on jute cloth.
Usage : bag sack, burlap, handbag, gift bags, table cloth, DIY Handmake, bag, sack etc..
Feature : Breathable, Natural material, No post-processing , Slightly rough surface, Jute unique smell

Company Info
we are the large factory of jute/burlap products including fabric rolls(cloth), bags, belts and ropes from China, since built from 2003, our factory got whole production line from yarns weaving to cloth, silk printing and dyed rooms,  we can do any size, any shape, any color and any mesh density fabrics as your requirements.
Also We got enough experience for various colors(dyed) cloth, also we can do PE coated and PVC laminated.  

Use of Hessian Jute Fabric:
In addition to its use for storing and shipping foodstuffs, hessian jute (also known as burlap) enjoys roles in a number of other industries, including fashion, art, construction, and furniture. From carpets and rugs to bags and purses, this rough fabric has found its way into many of the industries we utilize on a daily basis. And most people are unaware of its lesser-used, yet vitally important functions. Here is a look at some of the less visible ways that hessian jute fabric is used.

Hessian Jute Fabric in Furniture:
Thanks to its widely recognized strength and durability, hessian jute has grown popular in the construction of various pieces of furniture. In particular, upholstered items (including couches and easy chairs) often incorporate hessian jute to cover spring structures and even inner frames. In these contexts, the fabric offers added support, which can prolong the life of the furniture considerably.

Hessian Jute Fabric in Construction:
In addition to boasting unusual strength, hessian jute has the ability to withstand repeated soakings and drying without losing any of that strength, making it an ideal fabric for use in the construction industry. One of the most common uses for hessian jute fabric in this field is as a temporary covering for new cement. After laying the cement, construction workers often cover it with a layer of hessian jute, and then wet the fabric down. This process prevents the concrete from drying too rapidly, which can lead to cracks and other problems.

Hessian Jute Fabric in Art and Fashion:
While hessian jute’s rough texture has made it unpopular for most types of clothing, some fashion and art aficionados incorporate the fabric with great success. Bags and purses made with hessian jute, for example, can convey a rugged or natural feel without causing the undue comfort that would result from wearing the cloth too close to the skin.

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