MIL-DTL-38999 Series standard circular connectors Military Tactical 2Cores socket fiber optical Cable Assemblies

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Product Description

D38999 2 Cores Socket with one end of 2 LC fiber contacts

D38999 outdoor waterproof optical fiber connector joints with three thread fast connection, and adapt with Five keys locate at the same time, blind insertion and error proofing in and anti vibration function, connector made of stainless steel 316L material, contact parts of high density, anti electromagnetic shielding function, fiber optic assemblies detachable, convenient installation, small connector loss, high reliability, is waterproof, dustproof, anti - corrosive characteristics. Mainly used for: marine equipment communications, airborne equipment, acid and alkali, hydrochloric acid, wet and other harsh environment, military communications and outdoor adverse environmental communications. D38999 Series connector can provide 2-24C fiber connection, also available for 4fiber & 2 power Connection.


● Wiring compact all-dielectric structure, the inner sleeve is 0.9mm fiber, the cable has a high strength-weight ratio, allowing for quick wiring;
● High-strength fiber composite structure secondary coating offers the best performance and minimum temperature of the additional attenuation cables in harsh conditions to ensure the reliability and service life;
● A special high-strength, flexible type central reinforcing element, to ensure fiber strength and bending properties;
● Large area of aramid reinforced fiber optic cable to provide a high mechanical strength;
● Small tight pitch SZ stranded helical twisted fibers and aramid fibers single combined to ensure the field fiber optic cable has greater tensile strain capacity;
● Environmental friendly, Comply with RoHS.

Product Paramenters

Insertion Loss
≤1.0dB (Typical ≤0.5dB)
≤0.75dB (Typical ≤0.3dB)
≤1000N (Main Cable)
≤100N (Branch Cable)
2-24 pins
Operation Temp.
-40 ℃ ~ 85 ℃
IP Rate

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