Artichoke Extract roast tip import health snack organic for diabetes

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Product Overview


Roast Kiku potato chips! Also delicious!!! 
100% domestically produced
without the use of pesticides
Enjoy in cooking or as after-school snacks and hors d'oeuvres.

Our fragrantly finished 100% chrysanthemum potato chips are our most popular item.

Product Name
Jerusalem artichoke roast tip
Brand Name
Jerusalem artichoke Tawara-ya
Place of Origin
70g Sliced dry raw kikuimo (Jerusalem artichoke)

We dry and roast carefully selected kikuimo without the use of pesticides, to boost nutritional value and taste!!
Enjoy the product as it is, in cooking or as after-school snacks and hors d'oeuvres.

We use and processed kikuimo cultivated on our own farm.
Our EM natural farming method draws out the maximum power of the soil without relying on pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Chrysanthemum is harvested in winter (November to March).
As the harvested yield is limited, the number of products is limited as well.

We received a voice of joy from the purchaser * It is an individual impression.

1. Male office worker in his 30s * This is an individual impression.
I was worried about the fat in my stomach, and when I was looking for various supplements, I came across a Jerusalem artichoke capsule.
It's a capsule, so I could drink it every day even though I was tired of it.
Since I started taking Jerusalem artichoke capsules, my constitution, which is a little constipated, has changed drastically and I feel refreshed every day! I also succeeded in dieting.
I would like to continue to maintain my health.

2. Women in their 20s
It was featured on TV before and I was curious about it so I finally bought it!
The Jerusalem artichoke chips had a crispy and light texture and were eaten as they were as a snack.
When I searched, I found a lot of recipes, so I'm thinking of using it for various dishes next time!
It's fascinating to be able to easily take in such nutritious foods!
It's reasonably priced, so I'd like to repeat it!

3. Men in their 60s
As I was diabetic, I was looking for something that was good for my health, and I arrived at the Tawara shop page.
A mysterious potato health food that I have never heard of as Jerusalem artichoke.
To be honest, I was skeptical, but I knew that it was manufactured with no ingredients or pesticides, so I decided to use it once.
I use powder, but it has no particular taste and can be sprinkled on various things such as miso soup and coffee.
I'm a diabetic, but I feel like I've been feeling better in the last few months.
It is also true that my physical condition is getting better.
Since I use various medicines, health foods and supplements, I cannot say that it is due to the products of Tawaraya, but I am delighted that it is improving little by little after use.
I will continue to use it habitually.
We look forward to your continued development of better products.

4. Female Y in her 30s
Jerusalem artichoke, which has a reputation for being good for the body, has been eaten for a long time.
It is one of the home-cooked dishes because it can be used for various dishes such as simmered dishes and kinpira.
Meanwhile, this time I tried the Tawara shop's Jerusalem artichoke chips for the first time! !!
When I actually eat it, is there such a way to use it? And the recipe has spread again! Children are happy because they often boil or stir-fry the salad, or they can eat it as it is.
I'm looking forward to it because it can be used for various dishes!
Thank you for the very delicious Jerusalem artichoke chips.
I am looking forward to delicious Jerusalem artichoke products in the future!

5. Mr. T, 50s
Since I was over 40 years old, I have been warned by doctors about what to eat with metabolic syndrome.
When I felt that I had to eat it at all, I saw this "Jerusalem artichoke chip" and asked for a trial.
This potato, which is said to be natural insulin, gave me peace of mind and allowed my wife to eat it too.

We integrate all aspects from production of kikuimo to processing and selling.
Our kikuimo fields cover three hectares, and have acquired the JAS standard.

Track record of export to Taiwan and China

Taiwan: 3 times
China: 2 times
Food Expo 2019 (held in Fukuoka)

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