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α-amylase also known 1,4-α-D- glucan hydrolase, is refined by the submerged culture of Aspergillus oryzae Val by extraction
processes. Maltose syrup is mainly used for production, it can also be used in beer, baking and other industries.
The endo-amylase enzyme may be rapidly hydrolyzed amylose and amylopectin aqueous 1,4-α- glucoside bond, produce a large number
of small amounts of maltose and maltotriose, glucose and other oligosaccharides.
1, temperature range: the effective temperature range 35-65℃, the optimum temperature range of 50-60℃.
2, pH value range: effective pH range 4.5-6.0, the optimum pH range of 4.8-5.5.
3, Effect of metal ions on the enzyme activity: Ca2 + activation of the enzyme has a certain effect, Cu2 +, Ba2 +, Mn2 +, Fe2 +,
Fe3 + has a strong inhibitory effect.
1, product specifications: food grade enzyme is a pale yellow solid powder, 40,000SKU/g. Solid enzyme (0.4mm standard sieve
through rate): ≥80%.
2, the definition of enzyme activity: 1g solid enzyme powder in 40 ℃, pH=5.0 under the conditions, the reaction 30min, to produce
the equivalent amount of enzyme required to 10mg of glucose sugar reaction solution, defined as a starch enzyme activity unit.
3, product standards: implementation of industry standards People's Republic of China QB 2526-2001.
1, in the production of maltose syrup, to produce α- amylase maltose content <54% of the syrup, the amount 0.1-0.35L / t dry
matter,pH4.8-6.0, saccharification 6-30 hours at a temperature of 58-60 ℃.
2, for the beer industry, it can serve to improve the degree of fermentation, improve the rate of residual sugar, eliminate cold
muddy and so on, used in the saccharification or fermentation section.
3, the chemical segment in the sugar, add the amount of 0.1-0.3kg/t dry basis can improve the degree of fermentation; increase
the amount in the fermentation section 0.002-0.004kg /t dry basis may Eliminate cold muddy, plus the amount of 0.02-0.1g /t dry
basis may improve the rate of residual sugar.
4, in the production process of bread, bread and other fermented foods, the enzyme may provide fermentable sugars for the yeast
to make pasta uniform structure, volume Increased gas holding capacity enhancement. As recommended small amount of experimental
0.002-0.01kg / t flour (100,000 SKUof food grade enzyme activity).
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Newgen Biotech (Ningbo) Co., Ltd

was founded in 2008 by Dr. Zhu Hui, an expert from the "Thousand People Plan" Specially-invited Expert Program.
We have a world-class fermentation laboratory and high-throughput screening R&D center for Marine micro-organism and is a manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, processing, and sales.
The manufacturing facility is ISO9001, ISO22000, HACCP, GMP for Pharmaceutical. We have over 30 patents and multiple DMFs on our products and processes. Besides, many of our products have HALAL, KOSHER, REACH certifications.
We are known globally for our expertise in Marine micro-organism development & products from fermentation processes. We are especially known for our Beta Glucans and Enzymes from non-animal sources.
We look forward to growing together.

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