TOGO High-Quality CE Certificated Processing Ability 2.5ton Food Waste Biochemical Digester

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Product Overview


TOGO High-Quality CE Certificated Processing Ability 2.5ton Food Waste Biochemical Digester


TG-CC-2000 food waste composting machine is used to process the kitchen waste into organic fertilizer. It only needs 24 hours to make waste profitable. The final product is an organic fertilizer that could use for growing fruits, vegetables, and flowers. This machine could be feed continuously.


The food waste to fertilizer equipment provides suitable temperature, humidity, oxygen content, and other conditions for microbial treatment bacteria so that organic waste can be reduced rapidly in the solution. It is a large piece of equipment for the centralized treatment of kitchen waste in campus, community, and other places. With features of Large quantity garbage disposal, efficiency, environmental protection, safe use, mature and reliable, beautiful and durable, automatic, intelligent, no need person to supervise, etc.

Product Description

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Name of the Organic Composting MachineTG-CC-2000
Processing TechnologyThe composter decomposes organic wastes in multiple stages. It utilizes a very modern dry composting treatment, to treat bio-degradable wastes. The machine also uses heat for composting.

Sleek Designing Details

The machine is one that is portable. It needs no support, being a stand-alone piece.
Input Capacity of the Organic Waste Composter Per Batch SizeThe input capacity of the machine is satisfactory. It is 2000kg per new cycle/new batch.

Time is Taken to Process the Waste

The organic waste electric composter takes 21-24 hrs. to complete composting.
Power Consumption StatisticsIt needs 38 kW, to function properly

Dimension in Terms of Width, Depth, and Height

(w*d*h) of the Organic Composter Machine

7250*2300*2460 (MM scale)
The Weight of the Organic Waste Compost MachineIt is a buxom machine, weighing 4500 kg
Manufacturing Materials UsedThe organic composting machine is built with signature Q235B + SUS304 + Appearance Painting.
Average Reduction Percentage of Organic WasteThe waste gets reduced to 83-90% of its total input volume
Power Requirement of this Electric Composter

- Supply: 3 phase

- Frequency: 50Hz

- Voltage: 380 volt

Safety Measures Incorporated Inside the Machine Engineering

The composting machine has an in-built impeller device in it. The impeller stops to function, if it notice the hopper is open and not closed.

Odour Treatment Method

The compost Machine has both the feature:

- Deodorisation

- Odour control, that generates from composting waste

Installation Rules

Very easy installation, no exhaustive ventilation process is recommended.

Organic Wastes that are Suitable for the Composter

Any type of organic bio-degradable waste can go into this high-quality composting machine.

In-Organic Waste was Unsuitable for the ComposterPetrol, Metal, Plastic, etc.
Automation Control Process

Best in its technology, the electric composting machine incorporates a LED screen Siemens, along with PLC technology panel and full automation control features.

Warranty on ManufacturingA total of 1 year

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Company Information

TOGO Advantages:

  1. Brand Reputation
    We have over 10 years' environmental industry experience, we have build brand appreciation. We control the material quality strictly, to ensure the product quality, we have a great reputation in the industry.

  2. Technology Advantages
    We cooperate with famous colleges and engineering design institutes in Germany, Korea, Japan, and China chronically, to ensure the most advanced production technology.

  3. Service Advantages
    We provide integrated service including design, production, installment, and after-selling, we have a dedicated and responsible attitude, follow the industry quality rules strictly.

  4. Craft Advantages
    We have an advantage of technology, to ensure project quality, we have got the certificate of ISO9001.

  5. Price Advantages
    We do the research of high temperature degrading bacteria "HZ" by ourselves, the cost is low, efficiency is high. We are seeking the cheapest distributed kitchen waste handling methods.

Our Services:

  • We always welcome customers to visit our manufacturing factory and get to know more about us.

  • Customers can see all the manufacturing workflows when they visit our factory.

  • We also send engineers to the customer's place to help with the installation!

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food waste recycling machine

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