Factory Price CNC Brass Sheet Brass 5mm Sheet for Hot Stamping and Embossing

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Price:$19.00 - $20.00
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Product Overview


Products Description

CNC Engraving Brass Plate
Engraved cnc brass plate is the general name of the original copper gravure plate made without using photo-engraving process. Machine direct engraving CNC brass palte.
A special brass alloy is hot rolled to eliminate plate tensions, cold rolled to the tightest tollerance and flattened.
It enables you to produce sophisticated three-dimensional sculptured embossing or combination embossing
foil stamping dies.
Our CNC Engraving Brass Plate alloy offers mechanical durability, dimensional stability, minimum thermic expansion
and exceptional heat conductivity.
High quality CNC Engraving Brass Plate are available from 1.0 to 20.0 mm thickness.
Standard format 300x600mm, 400x800mm, 400x1000mm in stock.
Non-standard format and gauges are available.

CNC Brass Plate Datasheet

CNC Engraving Brass Plate
1.00 - 20.00
300 x 600
400 x 800
400 x 1000
acoording to different size
Other size is also available by customers' requirements.

Bras Plate in Engraving

CNC Brass Plate Engraved Dies

CNC Engraving Brass Plate Dies

CNC Brass Plate Engraved Dies Application
1. Texture Dies
2. Foil Stamping
3. Signage/Nameplates
4. Plaques/Awards

5. Multi-Level or Sculptured Embossing
6. Multi-Level or Sculptured Debossing
7. In-Line Embossing flat stamping tools

8. Combination: Dies that can emboss or deboss and image and lay foil at the same time
9. ... ...

How to finish a good CNC Brass Plate engraved dies?

No Matter you are new in engraving job or have some problems when do cnc brass plate engraving job.
Contact Us For Free Guide.
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Quick Knowing !
1.--- Can I get free brass plate sample?
--- Yes, we can supply free samples.

2. --- What's the brass plate quality?
--- Our brass plate is top quality.

3. --- Can you give technology training?
--- Yes, we can. We base our company
values on integrity, on doing what is
right rather than what is expedient.

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Offering you a full line support of how to etch or engrave hot stamping and embossing dies.
Yantai Enhen Printing Materials Company is dedicated to the Supplying and Technical Support Service for
Photoengraving Magnesium Plate, Photoengraving Zinc Plate, Photoengraving Copper Plate, Photoengraving
Stainless Steel Plate, CNC Engraving Brass Plate, CNC Engraving Magnesium Plate, Chemical Etching Machine,
Hot Stamping Machine, Hot Stamping Foil, Hot Stamping and Embossing Dies etc.
All service for Hot stamping and Embossing business.
We have been characterized by not only being a product supplier, but also a good service provider, you will find
all the necessary solutions for your business, no matter it is in your etching, engraving or hot stamping process,
or you want to begin a new block making business.
Whether you need Etching plates, Engraving plates, Dies or Machines, we hope that you will give "Enhen Print"
an opportunity to impress you. With Chinese Top Etching and Engraving technicians, we believe that you will
be thrilled to find a good partner so committed to your success.

"Enhen Print" strive to provide both good value and rapid service to all, and aim to help as much as possible we can.

No question is too small to ask. Contact us now.
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