China geonet composites geotextile 3d drainage geonet for slope protection

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Product Description
Geotextile drainage matting, also called composite drainage net, is made of a unique tri-dimensional geonet heat bonded with a
nonwoven needle-punched geotextile, which is coated on one side or both sides. It has the property of geotextile (filtration
function) and geonet (drainage and protection) and provide a functional system filtration-drainage-protection.
Geonet drainage net core is extruded by high density polyethylene raw materials adding carbon black, ultraviolet and antioxidant
stabilizer. The unique tri-dimension structure of geonet drainage net can bear high compressed load in construction and remain the
certain thickness. The interlaced geonet forms into a drainage channel which has good vertical drainage properties.

1. Strong drainage (equivalent to one meter thick gravel drainage).
2. High tensile strength.
3. Reduce the probability of geotextile inserting into mesh core, and maintain long-term water conductivity.
4. Corrosion resistance, acid and alkali, long service life.
5. Convenient construction, shorten the construction period and reduce costs.

product usage
Mainly used for railway, highway, tunnel, municipal engineering, reservoirs, slope protection and other drainage works in a
significant effect.

1,It is laid between foundation and base, which is used to discharge water between foundation and base, block capillary water and
effectively combine it into the marginal drainage system.This structure automatically shortens the foundation drainage, drainage
time significantly shorter, and can make the decrease in the number of the use of the material selection of foundation can be used
with more fine material, low permeability of materials.Can extend the life of the road.
2,In the base layer laying three-dimensional composite drainage network to prevent the base of fine material into the ground
floor, that is, play a role in isolation. Aggregate grass will enter the upper part of the geonet in a limited degree. In this
way, the composite geotextile network also has a potential to limit the lateral movement of the aggregate base, in this way, its
role is similar to the strengthening of the geogrid. In general, the tensile strength and rigidity of the composite geotechnical
drainage network is superior to many geogrids for foundation reinforcement, and this restriction will improve the supporting
capacity of the foundation.
3,Road aging, cracks formed, most of the rain will enter the section. In this case, the three-dimensional composite drainage
network directly laying under the road, instead of drainage of the foundation. The three-dimensional composite drainage network
can be collected before the water enters the foundation / sub-base. But also in the three-dimensional composite drainage network
at the bottom of a layer of film, to further prevent the water into the foundation. Whether it is for rigid roads or flexible road
systems, this structure can extend the life of the road.
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