Metal Case SAA2 NanoVNA V2 3GHz 2.2 version 2.8" display 1950mAh battery Vector Network Analyzer HF VHF UHF Antenna Analyzer

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2. If you don't need the battery in the NanoVNA, pls contact us in advance.

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S-A-A-2 NanoVNA V2

3GHz vector network analyzer, designed by OwOComm, under the LGPL license agreement, we using 0.5ppm TCXO, ensures the frequency accuracy of high frequency measurement;  A metal case can fully protect the internal precision circuit, and fully consider the protection of external interface; 2 customized high-performance SS405 SMA RF cables provide good stability of amplitude and phase; Equipped with high-performance calibration kits can ensure that the calibration SWR is less than 1.03 when it reaches 3GHz; An EVA out packaging , make it easier to carry and store.


The S-A-A-2/NanoVNA_V2 uses a similar user interface to the NanoVNA, but with a different technical architecture, the S-A-A-2/NanoVNA_V2 does not load the initial calibration data at startup, and does not automatically interpolate the calibration data after the user changes the frequency, and must recalibrate or call back the calibration data after each startup and frequency change. Please read the user manual carefully before use to avoid damaging the device.

VNA-QT software download:


User guide:


SAA2 (10)_.jpg

SAA2 (10)_(1).jpg

SAA2 (13).JPG

SAA2 (11)_.jpg

SAA2 (4).JPGSAA2 (1).JPG





 Test 2.4G antenna

Test 2.4G antenna.jpg


Test 10dB attenuator reflection up to 3.3GHz

Test 10dB.jpg


Test 30dB attenuator up to 3.3GHz

Test 30dB.jpg


test UHF duplexer

test UHF duplexer.jpg

Product Description


Basic performance:


Frequency range: 50kHz - 3GHz

Frequency tolerance :2ppm

Frequency Stability:0.5ppm

System dynamic range (calibrated): 70dB (up to 1.5GHz), 60dB (up to 3GHz)

S11 noise floor (calibrated): -50dB (up to 1.5GHz), -40dB (up to 3GHz)

Sweep rate: 100 points/s

Display: 2.8'', 320 x 240

USB interface: Micro USB

Power: USB, Maximum charge current 1A

Battery: 1950mAh lithium-ion

Battery connector: JST-XH 2.54mm

Maximum sweep points (on device): 201

Maximum sweep points (USB): 1024

Port 2 return loss (1.5GHz): 20dB typ

Port 2 return loss (3GHz): 13dB min

VNA-QT software supported platforms: Linux, Windows (7+), Mac OS planned

Packaging & Shipping
Packing list
S-A-A-2 host (with 1950mAh battery) x 1
Micro USB data cable x1
30cm SMA male to male SS405 RF cable x2
SMA male calibration kit - OPEN x1
SMA male calibration kit - SHORT x1
SMA male calibration kit - LOAD x1
SMA female to female connector x1
This NanoVNA includes a battery. We transfer it to Hong Kong for distribution. Ship via DHL, UPS etc.  Mostly by DHL.  Will choose a suitable one based on your address. Unspecified shipping way if didn't contatc us. 

Recently, European customers responded for DHL's import fees. If you want UPS or other service, please c
ontact me online or leave messgae on feedback or by email. We will check more for you.   sales11<at>   
NanoVNA Testboard kit
The Testboard kit allows NanoVNA users to assemble a useful Component jig to quickly assemble a simple RF circuit and evaluate their performance on the NanoVNA.
Testboard Printed Circuit Board(Compatible with DIP pads of VNWA Testboard and add 0805 and 1206 STM pads) x1
SMA End Connectors (same type as in NanoVNA) x6
Copper 6mm spacers x4
M2.5 4mm screws x4
40 pin female SIL Socket x2
Resistor SMD 49R9 1% 0805  x2
Our Services


The NanoVNA software uses the GPL protocol to open source, aiming to attract more young people to pay attention to radio frequency and wireless.


We will continue to provide updates and technical support services for NanoVNA within 3 years after purchase. 


We will test before shipment and connect directly to the SMA port for calibration, the calibration data is stored in state 0, and the boot will load the status 0 data directly.



Matching PC Software(Windows/Linux)

NanoVNA-Saver Software is supported under Linux:




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