Stainless Steel Bin Surface Mounted Piston Hitting Air Hammer

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Product Overview


Recommendation for food, medical, and chemical industries. Automatic hammering equipment for blockage prevention
This product is used for the following applications:
* In the factory of drinking water manufacture: RKVS installed to prevent the clogging of tea leaves in SUS trough
* Elimination of adhesion on wall surface in the coffee bean roasting machine
* Elimination of ratholing in resin pellet hopper
* Improvement of ejection of film materials
* Elimination of salt clogging
* Elimination of sugar clogging
The stainless steel knocker, a sister product of high-performance Air Knocker series, is an air knocker with stainless steel body that prevents adhesion and blockage of powder in hopper or tank. The stainless knocker is suitable for harmaceutical, food, and chemical industries or other sites where corrosion resistance and safety are required.
The unique operating principle of this product is that the force of compressed air causes the piston to energetically strike the base surface, which eliminates the adhesion or blockage of powder. Also, the stainless knocker operates on only the supply air, which is excellent in safety and economics. Like Air knocker series, the stainless steel knocker has an adjustable impact force by the supply air and the relay piping function. (RKVS15 does not support the relay piping.)
Stainless steel body excellent in corrosion resistance
The stainless steel knocker consists of the body, standard base, mounting bolts and others, all of which are made of stainless
steel material. It is suitable to install a site in food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries and a site where corrosion resistance and sanitation are required.
Adjustable impact force
In the air stainless steel knocker series, just changing the pressure of supply air allows the impact force to be changed by the special mushroom valve (patented). The air pressure is increased if the blockage cannot be eliminated, and is decreased if the impact force is too strong. Moreover, the adjustment of pressure is effective in reducing noise. Even if wrong selection of model results in excessive or poor capability during installation work, such a problem may be solved by adjusting the impact force.
Thus, the adjustable impact force mechanism is appreciated in the field.
Installation Instructions
Relay piping allowing multiple units to be used simultaneously
Air knocker is equipped with relay piping function (patented) in which one control panel can operate more than one unit
simultaneously. In the similar way, one controller or the control panel dedicated to knocker can use more than one unit. Thus, theintroduction of relay piping will decrease the facility cost because the number of control panels in overall facilities can bereduced.
*For the combination of flow aid system, also refer to “The combination of flow aid system”
*Automatic control can be performed by attaching a solenoid valve (AG43-02-4-02G) before AOC-1B (air supply side).
*N2 tube size
*RKVS15 type does not support the relay piping.
Product Paramenters
Company Profile
Our company was established since 11th of November, 2002. We are 100% held by EXEN (Japan) with investment 2.23 million dollars.
We are specialized in manufacturing construction machines and industrial machines.

In 2006, we have acquired certification ISO9001 and ISO14001.

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