Для камеры для окрашивания распылением технологию aolifeng для камеры для окрашивания

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Type:spray booths
External size:7000*5500*3300
Internal size:6900*3900*2600
Place of origin:Shandong,China
Brand name:Xinghuo(spark
Air-intake fans:1unit
Air-exhaust fan:1unit
Model number:X-700
Model number:X-700
Baking method:nano wide wave radiator
Heating system: nano wide wave radiator
Usage:spray bake paint
Ceiling light:LED tube
Product Description
The housing body
Choose manual purification board with high temperature and fire resistance, insulation board thickness is 50mm, single-layer color steel plate is 0.5mm, rock wool bulk density is 120 kg/cubic, the top is galvanized board buckle, the top frame adopts 40*80 square pipe welding, firm and safe.
The door
Folding four doors, all hand-made sheet metal doors, built-in high-strength framework, external insert lock, toughened glass observation window, easy to observe the spraying and baking situation in the room;One side of the room has a safety working door, equipped with a safety pressure lock, when the pressure in the room reaches the limit, the safety door automatically springs open to relieve pressure, convenient and safe.
Heating system
Using nanometer wide wave radiator for electric heating, each side is equipped with 4 groups, 2.4kw each group, 2 groups at the rear, a total of 10 groups of 24KW, front, left and right five ways can be controlled separately, can bake the front and both sides of the workpiece, safety and energy saving.
The bellows
The production room adopts galvanized steel framework (spray treatment) welding, high-quality galvanized sheet outer skin, sound insulation layer and reinforcement treatment, prevent the fan running on the box vibration, spray treatment of the outer surface;The box body and the room body are separated by 100mm to avoid the resonance between the fan operation and the room body.
The DDF series turbine fans in yancheng, jiangsu have small vibration and large air volume.One DDF 7.5kw air inlet and one 4-72 11KW air exhaust fan with air volume of 23000m3/h.The on-load wind speed in the room reaches 0.3m/s, and the air change times in the room reaches 280 /h.The fan is subject to the picture style.
Electric control box
The main circuit is equipped with multiple protection, equipped with room temperature spray painting, baking paint timing, overtemperature fault alarm, temperature time setting, emergency stop and other functions, simple operation, high degree of automation.
The light box is made of high quality galvanized steel plate and sprayed with plastic. The lighting tubes are all LED integrated tubes with high lighting brightness.8 groups of ceiling lamps, each group of 4 lamps, in the two sides of the grill installed 9 waist lamps, to increase the side painting brightness, lighting 1200 lux, the operation area without shadow and blind;Lamp tube surface with glass outer cover, frame spray treatment, both can prevent the production of rust, and beautiful generous.The light boxes are evenly distributed on both sides of the spray booth, hanging at a 45-degree Angle on the spray roof.
Filtration system
Use galvanized sheet bending welded frame do cotton pensu processing, folding into a groove shape, filter cotton edge can be inserted into the frame, prevent dropping, the design of five pieces of cotton, convenient replacement, to enhance the overall strength, using coarse fine structure two filter layer, the coarse filter is made of high quality cotton, can effectively catch dust is greater than 15 microns, fine filtering the Dutch technology production of CC - 800 senior xu, filter cotton, the filter cotton has a multilayer structure, can effectively capture greater than 5 microns dust particles, filtration rate was 98%.Configured at the bottom of the static chamber, beautiful and generous, convenient replacement.Cotton for glass fiber cotton, TSP acuities were 14 / m3.
The base
Adopt 1.8mm zinc-plated sheet folding convex steel structure welding, coaming into ladder structure, prevent the grid sliding and damaging the wall board;There are two steel grilles on the top, and the steel grilles are welded with 30*5mm flat iron 8# rebar.Three lines of 2.3mm anti-skid plate, decorative plate rust paint treatment.
Environmental protection devices
It contains 40 light oxygen tubes, 2 layers of glass fiber cotton, 2 layers of activated carbon, 1 layer of photocatalyst board, 1 layer of filter bag.
Exhaust duct
Round, size 600*600, 0.6mm galvanized sheet press, equipped with 4 meters air duct, 2 elbow 1 rain cap.
Water-based paint device
High speed air shower nozzle with adjustable Angle is equipped with large bar at the top. 2 YDW centrifugal fans supply air independently.Equipped with independent air duct, independent air supply, independent control.
Boarding guide board
The above ground type is equipped with two 600*1800mm climbing platform and walking platform, while the bottom digging type does not.
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Functional characteristics

1.Fast processing in the early stage, good baking effect

The car paint booth is a set of large-scale equipment. Before the use, the car can be subjected to the necessary pre-treatment, which can eliminate the disadvantages of manual treatment and improve the quality of the paint surface in the paint repair work.

2.Good working environment

In order to keep the internal air clean, the paint room is equipped with an air filter device (such as filter cotton) to filter the dust entering the air inside the paint booth. The circulating ventilation system of the paint booth allows the paint room to have sufficient ventilation speed to ensure the air in the room is clean.

3.High work efficiency and quality assurance

The car paint room operation is a mechanized "one-stop" service, and the work efficiency is several times or even dozens of times higher than that of manual paint and baking paint. The paint surface is smooth and uniform, free of impurities and has a high degree of polishing.

4.High safety factor

The car paint room is equipped with a thermostatic controller and a safety explosion-proof system. The humanized customized design fully guarantees the safety of intelligent operation and vehicle equipment safety.

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We supervise installation and commission every single unit we provide, on client's requests .Technician can be sent all over the world to set up your installation.

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We provide detail English operating manual and maintenance manual for each model of equipment. These manuals include lots of pictures to show the detail procedures for trouble shooting and spare parts replacement. Operating DVD will be provided upon request. All documents are carefully designed and easy for user to fellow.

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Our experienced customer support team will help you solve technical problems .We guarantee to respond to your inquiry within 24 hours, whether it comes from phone, mail or fax.

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We will leave necessary parts which is for replacing when we come to install the machine and provide life time spare parts mail service to our international clients.

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Shandong province Zouping county spark coating equipment limited company is a high-tech enterprise which integrates specializing in the design, production and sales of spray-baked paint room, waste gas treatment and environmental protection equipment and industrial painting equipment as one.The company integrates design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning and consulting services,committed to the research, development and promotion of new products, new technologies and new processes.The company is located in Mingji Development Zone, Zouping County, Shandong Province,the company has a variety of advanced professional processing equipment such as large-scale shearing, CNC bending, punching machine tools.Products sell well all over the country and Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Vietnam, Russia and other neighboring countries,won the praise of the majority of users.

Companies adhere to the people-oriented, cooperative innovation, excellence as the concept,established a complete R&D and quality assurance system,products passed the IOS9001: 2015 quality management system certification,and has been rated as "contract-honoring and trust-keeping enterprise" many times,and passed the traffic product certification in 2010,passed China classification society traffic product certification in 2014,and reached a long-term cooperation agreement with the huge group.The Spark brand has matured and been put on the market stably,our customer network and product sales services have covered the world,the products are widely used in the surface coating of various industries such as automobile industry painting production and paint repair for the market after vehicle maintenance service, paint production in the railway rail transit industry and parts, construction machinery, energy equipment, wood furniture and other industries.

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A: We are factory.

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