Hot selling F7600W-IN-Sh 1.5Ghz CPU cnc controller for 2 axis gantry type plasma cutting machine

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Product Overview


Product Description

F7600W-IN-Sh CNC system absorbs the advantages of many CNC systems at home and abroad, and with reference to the company's F2000 series, F3000 series and F5000 series systems, a CNC system with more complete functions, stronger performance and more convenient use is developed. The product uses a multi-axis digital position control method that supports up to 6 axes of linkage, of which 4 axes have position monitoring. It is suitable for all CNC machine tools that use position control. Such as oxygen gas, plasma, laser cutting machine tools.

F7600W-IN-Sh controller runs on the Linux real-time operating system. It is equipped with Cortex-A8 chip and very large programmable device FPGA. The combination of software and hardware is adopted for interpolation. The Company has been engaged in numerical control system research for many years. Based on the original trajectory planning, speed preview and corner control, the S-type acceleration and deceleration and B-spline interpolation technology of the machine tool have been introduced, which makes the machine control more stable and the protection mechanism more perfect.

F7600S series have Small hole parameter library.
Standard Function Optional Function
01\tGantry dual-drive + Encoder feedback\t 10\tAuto edge-tracing
02\tPre-installed CAM Software\t 11\tRemote system diagnosis
03\tIntegrated THC(optional)\t 12\tPlasma power source communication
04\tDrilling and cutting\t 13\tS-type acceleration
05\tCutting parameter library\t 14\tBezier curve
06\tDual small hole cutting\t 15\tWork piece edge scanning and cutting
07\tHorizontal independence servo axis\t 16\tOPC UA Communication
08\tVisualize remnant process\t 17\tCloud MES
09\tInkjet system\t 18\tLaser/Plasma cutting

Technical Specification
Control Axis
2-axis linkage (maximum expandable to 6 axes)
Operating System
Windows 10
Control accuracy
Motor drive
pulse + direction
Max speed
30,000 mm/m
120G SSD
Working Voltage
DC +24V

Details Images

1.Monitor:19" LCD widescreen touch screen
2.Capacitive touch screen
3.Installation dimensions:495*325*54mm

Motion control card
1.Axis: 2 axes(extendable to 6 axes)
2.Accuracy: ±0.001mm
3.Motor: Pulse+Direction
4.Pulse Freq:250K
5.Running Speed: 30m/min
6.Static test:±4KV
7.I/O: 16 in 16 out, all optocoupler

Small hole parameter library

Company Profile

Shanghai Fangling Computer Software Co., Ltd is the high-tech enterprise which has more than 10 years’ experience in research, development, production and marketing of Computer Numerical Control(CNC) Field. Nowadays, the company has successfully launched several product lines that include Plasma/Flame plate cutting controller, Built-up Welding Control System, Drilling Control System, Tube Cutting CNC controller, C-beam/H-beam Cutting CNC controller and other related CNC field control systems.

These products are widely being used in multiple manufacturing businesses such as Marine Engineering, Mineral Engineering, Construction, and Automobile manufactory. The market is not only covering China, but also covering Southeast Asia, Russian, Africa, Europe, and South America, etc.. The products are being highly spoken because of their performance and cost-effectiveness.


Our Advantages

Pre-sales service:
1.Office visit
2.Pre-consult and technical guidance
3.Pipe cutting solution guidance

After-sales service:
1.Network technical support and guidance
2.Related documents access
3.Cutting Solution consulting

Packing & Delivery


Q: How do you guarantee the quality?
A: We have the professional engineer to test the goods and make sure they are 100% working before they are dispatched.
Q: How do I make the payment?
A: We accept T/T, Western Union(only for a small amount).
Q: Do you provide training for your product?
A: We will provide a manual for our controller to help you study, and we have a professional after-sales agent to guide you through the whole process.
Q: What if I am not sure which controller I need? What if I need some technical consult?
A: Please make sure you consult our sales before you decide to purchase, our goal is to provide you a complete and efficient CNC cutting solution.
Q: How do you pack the goods?
A: Our controllers are light and compact size, It is very easy to pack it up, we usually pack our goods with carton box with extra foam to absorb the shock. We will make sure the package will protect the goods 100% OK.

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