Original JIYI K++ V2 flight control dual CPU optional obstacle avoidance radar terrain radar for agricultural spray drones UAV

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Price:$328.00 - $345.00
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Product Overview


Note: This product has no radar and HUB-12 module
Radars without a serial number do not support V2 version flight control

Product List

Product Description


Total net weight: 321g
FC: 76.8g
PMU: 41g
PMU2 (UPS): 44g
FC: 72.6mm×48.0mm×22.8mm
PMU: 53.4mm×34.4mmx14.5mm
PMU2 (UPS): 53.4mm×34.4mmx14.5mm
GPS: φ62*14.3mm
LED: 24*24*8mm

Product parameters

Working voltage
Power consumption
less than 5W
Working environment temperature
Storage temperature
Earthquake resistance level

Support multi-rotor type
Four-rotor (+ type, X type) hover accuracy
Six-rotor (+, X, IY and YI coaxial twin propellers)
Eight-rotor (+ type, X type, V type)

Supported ESC type
PWM ESC below 490HZ
Maximum output channel
8 channels
Recommended remote control type
SBUS receiver
Supported receiver types
PPM, S-BUS receiver

Support expansion equipment
K-BOX, IOT, RTK, binocular obstacle avoidance, ground-following radar, integrated remote control, FPV camera, flow meter, liquid
level meter

Flight characteristics
Flight characteristics
Hovering accuracy
horizontal ±1.5m
Vertical direction
±0.5 meters
Maximum tilt angle
30 degrees
Maximum yaw speed
150 degrees/second;  6 meters/second
Wind resistance
continuous wind: level 4   ;Gust: Level 5

Flight modes and functions
Attitude mode, GPS mode, AB operation, route operation, one-key return home, runaway protection, runaway operation, low voltage protection, fence function, log storage function, landing lock function, no-fly zone function, vibration protection function, star loss Protection function, active noise reduction function, motor sequence detection function, direction detection function, dual water pump mode, drug breaking protection function, precise spraying, water pump switch control, water pump linkage control

Packing & Delivery

Please check the parts and accessories according to the product list, and download the assistant software, APP and Register on the flight defense butler supervision platform to get more intelligent flight functions and flight data. K++The installation and use of the flight control system has certain technical complexity. Before installation and use, please Be sure to be familiar with the product instructions.

product advantages
k++ flight control's powerful industrial-grade sensor configuration and algorithm optimization. After the same aircraft flight control system is installed, it only needs to be calibrated once. Even if the operating environment is changed, there is no need to re-calibrate, which is convenient to use.

Dual CPU configuration, the processing function is more powerful, the maximum can support 1000Hz ESC control.

The main control supports the backup power interface, and the power supply is more reliable.

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