Глянцевый Блестящий надувной сексуальный несущий Дракон 3D мультфильм XXX два несущих прозрачный розовый дракон

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Product Overview



Glossy Shiny Inflatable Sexy Laying Dragon 3D Cartoon XXX Two Laying Transparnt Pink Dragon 




Product Description

Inflatable cartoon

  • Material: PVC, TPU

  • Size: 3m or customized

  • Professional designer team

  • Perfect customer experience

  • Free 3D model design if you need after you place the order

Description of goods




1. Air filled by blower

2. Strong & wind-resistant

3. Available in various sizes and colors

4. Digitally-printed full cover envelope, logo or graphic can be customized

5. Quick set up:5minutes


1. Parties


3. Business promotion

4. Openings

5. Festival


7. Marketing activities


Standard export carton and bag


Sewing or heat sealing

Shipping way

By air, sea, express


Inflatable model, Repair kits, glue, ropes.



Workmanship & Quality control:

  •  We double stitch and quadruple stitch for reinforcements on bouncy area and junctions.

  •  Have reliable commercial grade zippers with Velcro cover. All have integrated back flow flaps on deflation zippers to reduce air leak.

  •  Our staircases are manufacturered from high density poly ethylene with UV protection.

  •  Reinforced seat belt on the junction of main structure and entrance/exit.

Product Pictures:

inflatable goodra 7inflatable goodra 2inflatable goodra 5inflatable goodra 3inflatable goodra 6inflatable goodra 4


Packaging & Shipping

 Safety Package : put on a bag and then outside with one box , also with the foam to protect it .



Fast Express Delivery :  shipping the goods to your with the fast services .

Shipping 1


Q1: What types of inflatable model do you have?
If grouped by breath-degree , there are continuous inflation series (cold air inflatable products) and sealed series ( airtight products ) ;
If grouped by the range of application , there are toys series,advertising series and travel series
If grouped by the time of application , there are general use and night use
If grouped by the location of application , there are sky type, ground type, water type


Q2: What is the minimum order quantity?
There is no MOQ, we can supply for one piece / set .


Q3: Would you produce OEM brand or design?

We can make any OEM / ODM products according to you request.


Q4: What is your product producing progress?
We use sewing techniques For cold air inflatables ; and the airtight products , we use the high frequency heat sealing, hot air welding and adhesive technology .


Q5: Rational Use and Maintenance of Products
Safety Rules.
* Keep the inflatables a safe distance from fire, water, and other obstructions.
* Do not use fabric inflatable products outdoors when raining, snowing or during strong winds.
* Place inflatables on dry, even ground that is free from any sharp objects. Do not use or drag on concrete or other rough surfaces.
* When not in use, store inflatable products out of sun in dry and aerate conditions.
* Do not store away when wet. Store the product and the blower inside dry conditions when not in use.




Set up Instructions.

* Choose a clear place(lawn or gournd surface) before inflation. Check the ground where the inflatable to be inflated, and remove any sharp or foreign objects.
* Set up away from water, moisture, walls or other obstructions, and any potential fire hazard.
* Make sure the blower "on/off" switch is in the "off" position.
* Keep the blower and power cord away from water, moisture,and fire hazards. Keep blower away from dirt, leaves, or other debris that could be sucked in. Keep away from children and traffic.
* Turn the blower "on/off" switch to "on" position. The continual air-flow bower must be left on at all times while sewn cold air inflatable product is in use.
[for sealed, airtight inflatable products, put the blower off and take it away after inflated up.] 
* The inflatable product should take about 2~15 minutes to inflate according to inflatable sizes and styles.
* To fix the attaching points (fastening) on the sewn cold air inflatables to the ground in case of strong wind outside.
* Air leakage from the seams of sewn cold air inflatables is normal and prevents over inflation. The product is kept inflating when using.


Take down Instructions.

* Make sure the inflatable product is free of foreign objects.
* Turn the blower "on/off" switch to "off"position.
* Unplug the blower power cord.
* Loosen string and detach the air fill tube from the blower. (outward blower).
* Remove the fixed ground attaching points.
* Let the inflatable deflate entirely.
* Fold it in tidy.
* Roll it up tightly and put away into storage bag. 

 inflatable cartoon toy

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