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Product Overview


    ODMT air driven air amplifiers can be applied in air-pressured system when it needs to amplify the pressure. These amplifiers can increase the air pressure to 2-5times. The compressed air in the working system act as the air source. This kind of pump is suitable for single air source pressurization.



 Illustration of working principle-- Amplifier with pressure ratio 2:1





Pressure ratio


Drive pressure(bar)


Drive port









MAB02 - 3

Key features

  • Single-acting, single-stage air amplifiers

  • One model with ratio of (2:1) 

  • Air drive pressure from 1bar (14.5psi.) to 8bar (116psi.)

  • Maximum outlet pressures to 16bar (232 psi.) 



  • No heat,flame or spark risk

  • No airline lubricator required eliminating oily exhaust

  • High quality seals,long life service

  • No electrical power and installations are required

  • Specific pressure ratio for customized solution

  • Zero energy consumption after final pressure is attained

  • Low cost with simple,safe and economic mode of operation

  • Standard and custom systems available 

Application Fields

1.Provide air powered tools and machines in large factories with marginal central air pressure systems
2.Air pressure boosting in tools for operation of pneumatic clamps, cylinders and many other equipments
3.Used for pressurizing air, making low-pressure air to high pressure air, the highest can be 16 bar.
4.The system can be used for filling cylinder, truck tire, or others that need high pressure air.



13.jpg 6.jpgrelated product—— air booster pump station

  ODMT  air booster pump station can amplify compressed air pressure according to a certain ratio. The output pressure can be up to 40 bar. This system can be used for air source pressurization, gas lubrication, welding slag purging, pneumatic valve actuation, etc.

  ODMT air pressurization system has compact design, and is equipped with related globe valve, pressure gauge, air storage tank, pressure regulating valve, etc. To acquire high pressure source, users only need to connect the compressed air to the system.



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