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RAD Luxury ecofriendly homes prefabricated tiny container houses for living

Product Description


Specifications of Light Touch House
Bathroom Equipped
Bedroom Equipped
Furniture Sofas, tables, beds, curtains, carpet...
Electrical Equipment TV, Water Heater, A/C, Hair Dryer, Induction Cooker...
Smart Home System Smart door lock, smart gate way, smart switchs...
Wind Bearing Load Wind speed: ≤50 m/s
Life-Span More than 50 years
Installation Time 10 ~15 days ( It's up to workers' experience )
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Q1: What does the price listed in the website include ?


A1: The price includes Aviation Aluminum framing;
Thermal insulation composite wall and roof board;
Floor insulation composite base
Tempered glass curtain wall window & door;
Washing area; Toilet area; Bathroom area; Mini bar; Wardrobe; Shower package;
Wooden reinforced panel; Integrated equipment room; Ceiling lamp; Bathroom lamp; Porch light;
Other light touch house models will even include stairs, balcony, kitchen, veranda decking area. If you want more details, please send us an inquiry for further information.


Q2: Can you supply the fully furnished house ?


A2: Yes, we can supply and coordinate a full furnished house for you, ranging from full set furniture, soft decoration, smart home system etc. Moreover, we can arrange everything loaded in the same container and deliver to your site.
More people-oriented service: If you have other building materials to source in Foshan Guangdong, we give free service and can load the products in the same container with our house.


Q3. Does your house material coordinate with my country climate ?


A3: Our aviation aluminum framing structure is high strength, strong hardness and 100% anti-corrosion and 100% anti-rust whether the site is in Gobi Desert, Mountains or near the Sea.
External panel is aluminum honeycomb panel that has the same material characteristics like aluminum framing, We use PU insulation layer for cold climate, XPS insulation layer for hot weather.


Q4: If I order the house, will I get the house materials with different color than the rendering ?


A4: The 3D rendering is our proposal for each standard model, therefore the actual color will be slightly different than what you saw in the rendering pictures.
If you need to see the physical material color, we can arrange the materials samples to you with postage born by your side.
You can place an Alibaba trade insurance sample order online, the sample cost will be refunded when you place the order.

Q5: How can I connect to the local city power and the municipal drainage?


A5: The city power connects with the equipment room of the house. The water inlet and outlet will be connected by the precast pipes under the house. It is super easy connection.
If the water outlet can not connect to the city drainage, then you can use septic tank instead.
If you are still unclear about this point, you can contact us to explain your concerns and we will send you related drawings so that you can discuss with your local certified plumbers or mechanical engineers to seek solutions from them.
More details will be discussed by your inquiry messages.

Q6: What kind of foundation to be used for light touch building ?


A6: Light touch building only requires 12 pcs of concrete stumps which is a cost-effective foundation method yet strong enough for load bearing.
More details, please send us an inquiry for the drawings.


Q7: How can I do the installation at site ?


A7: The installation full set drawings, detailed installation guideline, steps videos will be sent accordingly after order confirmation. If you still feel uncertain or your local contracting team still lack of confidence to install the house based what you have from us, then you can consider our installation guidance service.
We can send an experienced installation technician for your use, to teach your team.
More details, please reach out to us for the engineering contract.


Q8: Would I need any machinery assistance at site ?


A8: Not at all. Our materials components and packaging pallets are made and designed to be carried by only 4 men and can be transported anywhere without any access to machinery.
There is no limitation for the installation site nor restricted by limitation access of machinery.
Your installation cost is only a contract of the team!


Q9: Can you provide us the installation guideline?


A9: Sure, full set installation drawings will be provided to you after down payment is proceeded, including foundation drawings, mechanical drawings(M&E), structural drawings, wall and roof paneling drawings etc.


Q10: How much time do we need for installation ?


A10: Our experienced workers have made the marvelous achievement to complete a Chongqing project of 48 houses within 20 days. The key is all about efficient project management and the experience of the workers.
Therefore, for installation projects in China, our workers will take normally 7-8 days, max 10 days to complete one fully furnished house due to inauspicious facts at site.
While the installation practice we had in Malaysia, though the team is local aborigine without construction experience, our guidance technician successfully achieves the project completion within 13 days and the client is happy about the final result.
After you reach to us, we can send you various detailed clients project cases in PDF format by email.


Q11: What is the life span for the house ?


A11: What key factors are affecting the life span for a house?
The main keys are its structure material and its containment system.
The framing structure for light touch building is the stable and strong aviation aluminum structure which is widely used in aviation industry for years and long-time proven its magnificent quality The structure can last more than 70 years even in critical climate.
The wall system, internal reinforced wooden panel can last more than 30 years and the external aluminum honeycomb panels last even longer.
Who can resist such a quality house with such modern design and affordable price?


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