OEM design Plastic Slab Wall Formwork for Concrete

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OEM design Plastic Slab Wall Formwork

PP Hollow Formwork




OEM design Plastic Slab Wall Formwork

Advantages of Forms concrete plastic formwork board:

1.Reuse average times more than 50-60, long service life. Cost saving. 

2.High hardness. Can bear high press from the cement or concrete.

3.Good tenacity, within tolearence expansion, and shrinkage.

4.Light weight and easy to remove,operate and transport.

5.Waterproof, non-hygroscopic,size stable under the water.

6.The surface is smooth and clean, easy demould, no need mold release agent. 

7.Good toughness.It could be used as cambered special-shaped formwork. formwork hollow.

8.Waste products can be recycled and reprocessed, making full use of waste materials. This property can greatly reduce the project cost compared with wooden formwork and bamboo formwork. OEM design Plastic Slab Wall Formwork.

9.Environmental protection and energy saving, no pollution. No any poisonous or harmful gas.

10. No absorption of moisture, no deformation, no mildew; Long-term immersion stratification in the water, no bubbles, sheet size stability, especially suitable for underground and damp environment. OEM design Plastic Slab Wall Formwork.OEM design Plastic Slab Wall Formwork


OEM design Plastic Slab Wall Formwork


Flame resistant HDPE plastic hollow formwork for building


1.Use the hollow building formwork intersecting surface laid with 15mm thick.

2.Wood square of the distance:

(1) on the surface of the intersection (spacing: wood square distance according to the thickness of the slab concrete, in general, the thickness of less than 0.15 m floor (spacing is 200 ~ 250 mm.)

(2) the shear wall (spacing according to adjust the spacing, height and thickness of the wall to wall height of 2800 mm, 300 mm thick wall, for example, using the formwork (15 mm thickness spacing is 100 ~ 150 mm, if the shear wall, pillar width more than 1 meter, must add the fixed frame.

3.Die shear wall and column puzzle when leaving no gaps, internal Angle (the bottom of the wall) parts must have wood square, beam, wall, formwork connection.Shear wall made

4. After the mold must be assembled into the whole hoisting, then lay flat, reduce labor intensity, forming effect is good. Forms plastic formwork board supplier

5. When the nail to the formwork from the formwork edge distance 15 ~ 30 mm, strength wants moderate, nail nails is 40 ~ 50 mm in length, shoulds not be too long or too short.

6.Beam bottom of a piece of wood square must set aside 15 mm seam allowance, wallboard made on wood square seam allowance, it does not leak slurry and wallboard material saving.


OEM design Plastic Slab Wall Formwork




1. Basical Data: 


Size Weight Qty./20FT Qty./40HQ
1220*2440*12mm 21-22KGS 700 PCS 1198 PCS
1220*2440*15mm 23-24KGS 560 PCS 1106 PCS
1220*2440*18mm 26-27KGS 466 PCS 981 PCS


2. Technical Parameter: 


Test Item OEM design Plastic Slab Wall Formwork
    Requirements Testing Result Judge Test Method
Shore Hardness (D)   ≥58 65.5 Approved GB/T 2411-2008
Dimensional change after heating, % Landscape ±0.2 ±0.1 Approved jg/t418-2013 7.2.7
Portrait ±0.2 ±0.1 Approved
Simple bracket unnotched impact strength, kJ/m^2   ≥30 33.7 Approved GB/T 1043.1-2008
Nail withdraw (N)     741   GB/T 17657-2003 4.21


 Market Study: 

Plywood formwork is the most common and economic choice for constriction formwork. But with the times going on and the environmental requirements getting higher and more strictly, its short comings also getting more obviously. So plastic formwork became ist best substitute. Like PVC formwork and PP hollow formwork. 

 PP hollow construction building formwork with its light weight, waterproof and more reusable times advantages, make it more and more popular in formwork market.light weight and rubust plastic hollow shuttering panel.OEM design Plastic Slab Wall Formwork.

 The shortage of plwood formwork lead to import timber price rising and make it cost higher. Besides, the wooden formwork is not recycled which causes a large waste and operating cost of construction. Plastic formwork is a kind of energy-saving and environmental protection products. Replace of traditional pine plywood formwork already happend. speedy assembly plastic hollow formwork panel for building. Plastic concrete formwork supplier. 


Forms concrete plastic formwork board supplier


OEM design Plastic Slab Wall Formwork


About Us-Green Plastic

 Shandong Green Plastic is a manufacturer and trading company focus on plastic products exporting. High quality goods and professtional exporting experience are our advantages. This earns us high reputation from overseas and China domestic customers. Now except China domestic market, we also export USA, AU, Canada, UK, Vietnam, Mexico ect. more than 45 countries. Now our goods is widely use the most corners around the world. We located a nice palce where its convenient comunications and facilities. Zhangqiu, Jinan City, Shandong Provice. A vibrant city and company welcome your visiting and inquiries. 

Main parameters

Main parameters for Forms concrete plastic formwork: 

 1. Dimensions: 4*8ft & 3*6 ft or 1220*2440mm and 915*1830mm

 2. Widely used thickness:12 15 18mm , but it can be adjustable from 10-18mm thickness. 

 3. Widely used colors: light grey. 

 4. AVERAGED Reused times:50+ times

 5. Recyclable, eco-friendly and cost saving. 

Our Services
1. Sample avaiable for all of your potencial customers. Sample free, air hsipping fees were born by the buyer first time, after order, will refund you or deduct from the total order value. Sample size usually in 10*15cm or A4 sizes. 


2. Our nearest air port is in Jinan Yaoqiang International Air Port, 50 minutes driving to our factory.
3. We have 5 production line with 5000 squre meters capacity a day. 
Packaging & Shipping


1. Naked or bulk packing, without any packing, direct load into the container. 


Forms concrete plastic formwork board supplier

2. Pallet packing, with hard paper wrapped. 


OEM design Plastic Slab Wall Formwork

3. Pallet packing with bulk packing together. 


Flame resistant HDPE plastic hollow formwork for building


Deivery time: For one 20GP or 40HQ, one week can ship to our Qingdao port. 

Port: QIngdao, Tianjin. 

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