Nano Colloidal Silver Gel solution Mineral Liquid Supplement - Daily Immune System Support 10ppm 20L material

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Colloidal Silver Mineral Liquid Supplement - Daily Immune System Support

It will kills 650 kinds of bacter in 5 minutes includes E.coli,Candida albicans,Staphylococcus aureus and so on. It is safe and non-toxic, which will replace antibiotic and have no side effects.

It contains deionized water and silver ion only, no chemical ingredients.

Nano Silver Solution can be widely used in daily necessities, home, public places, pet sterilization and deodorization, repairing wounded skin, treating gynecological inflammation, etc. Can be applied to agriculture and industry also.

Purity (%)
Silver content
Pure water

What’s nano colloidal silver solution?

● Colorless, odorless, and non-irritating. It is a broad-spectrum, non-drug-resistant, safe fungicide and a long-lasting
bacteriostatic agent.

● Compared with common anti-bacterial ingredients, colloidal silver has stronger bactericidal and longer-lasting bacteriostasis,
thus effectively preventing secondary infection of bacteria.

● Colloidal nano silver surrounded the bacteria by a large number of silver particles, causing their cells to stop their
metabolism, making bacteria unable to develop resistance to colloidal silver.

Application of colloidal nano silver solution
1. Used for air treatment: in addition to formaldehyde, ammonia smell, musty smell, and various odor gases, there is no mold, no harm, no pollution.
2. Used for people or pets wound treatment: can be used for trauma, burn wounds, accelerate wound tissue healing.
3. Used for antisepsis and mildew prevention: inhibits mold growth and prevents spoilage.
4. Used in pets: to eliminate bacteria in pets and to treat skin diseases.
5. Used for environmental sanitation: environmental spraying, disinfection, and prevention of bacterial infection.
6. Used for articles: quilts, pillows, sofas, leather garments, leather shoes, various leather products, etc.
7. Sterilization, health: can be used for personal hygiene and sterilization of the surface and environment of hospitals,
homes,public places, etc.
8. Used for mildew prevention of various products: leather goods, leather garments, leather, leather shoes, leather bags and fluffy furniture, leather sofas, etc. to prevent mildew.

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