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Product Overview


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Product Description



What is the product for? Reduce the smell of smoking and increase the fun of smoking.
What flavors do you have now?  Currently we have 50 flavors and support customized flavors.
What material is used in the product? Pure natural in food grade
What is MOQ? 100 big box.
What is the package box? 100 balls/small box, 20 boxes/big box
Can I get some samples?  Sure, we would like to provide samples with you

Flavor list: 

1. Fruit flavour:

Strawberries, blueberries, oranges, apples, peaches;

Bayberry, watermelon, lychee, lemon, grapes;

Loquat, lemon grapefruit, mango, pineapple, cherry;

Iced cantaloupe, fragrant pear, passion fruit, coconut, ice betel nut, ice durian, milk banana;

2. Mint flavor:

Black ice mint, black ice, strong mint, ice mint, sprite mint

3. Floral fragrance:

Ice osmanthus, ice citrus, ice lily, ice jasmine, ice rose, camellia, ice chrysanthemum

4. Drink taste:

Coca-Cola, red wine, green tea, orange juice, iced coffee, cocktail, champagne, red bull, vanilla, matcha flavor, chocolate;

5. Specialty of China:

Liquor, ginseng, orange peel, iced mung bean paste, taro

New flavors are constantly being developed, so stay tuned......

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Cigarette capsule is an innovative product that was born in our clean room workshop. Cigarette capsule minimizes the damage that cigarettes cause to smokers. Cigarette capsule is produced from natural food-grade virgin raw materials, which are environmentally friendly and have no toxic side effects. Cigarettes capsule has a variety of tastes, and the choice of odor not only reduces the health damage of smokers, but also provides a dreamlike personalized enjoyment, so that smokers have to get huge psychological comfort while gradually being damaged by cigarettes.

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