IDEALPLUSING pure sine wave inverter 110vdc to 220vac 2kva 1600w

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Product Overview


IDEALPLUSING pure sine wave inverter 110vdc to 220vac 2kva 1600w 

1kva  power inverter 


AC input startup available: the system could power on with the mains supply 220V input if there is no DC input;

Unattended operation: the system switches automatically to provide AC 220V to the load between the DC input and AC input;

Safety protection:  DC input polarity converse , over/low voltage, short-road, over-load, over temperature, and inverting malfunction;

Converse current control: not disturb other communication device in the same DC cabinet;

DC-dominated Mode:  the inverter is providing AC 220V to the load in normal, and automatically switches to by-pass AC 220V input if DC input fault occurs.

AC-dominated Mode: the inverter is stand by, the bypass is providing AC 220V to the load in normal, the load will switch to the inverter automatically if the bypass AC 220V input fault occurs;

Maintenance bypass is available for battery replacement:

5 groups passive dry contacts respectively for DC input fault, AC input fault, overload information, by-pass information and output fault ;(Standard configuration)

Independent RS232 and RS485 communication interfaces to monitor and manage the device in real time; (Standard configuration)

Support built-in TCP/IP interface to monitor and manage the device; (Optional)

Support built-in SNMP TCP/IP interface to monitor and manage the device (Optional).




Product Name

inverter 110vdc to 220vac



Rate output powe






DC Input

Rated voltage


Cutoff voltage


Start-up voltage 


AC Input

By-pass voltage range


Rated Current


Bypass switch time (ms)


AC Output

Rated voltage /frequency



Pure Sine Wave

Rated current


voltage precision


frequency precision (Hz)

50Hz±0.1% or 60Hz±0.1%

Waveform distortion (THD)

≤3%  (linear load)

Dynamic respond time

5%  (Load25%←→100%)

Power factor


Overload ability

100%~125% 600s,120%~150% 15S150%, shut down Immediately

Conversion efficiency

≥85%(80% resistive load)

Operating environment

Insulating intensity


Noise (1m)


Operation temperature



0~90%, no moisture condensation

Operation altitude


Cooling mode

Forced wind cooling


Inverter status

Mains supply is normal, invert normal, battery under voltage, output overloading

Protect function

Input under/over voltage, output overloading, short circuit, city power high-low voltage protection

Output mode

Terminal block

 Any further request for inverter 110vdc to 220vac, please contact IDEALPLUSING.

Detailed Images

2U power inverter 3~6KVA

Product Description

inverter 110vdc to 220vac
Telecom 800W pure sine wave inverter is a new generation of dual input inverter solution designed for the field of communication applications, which is suitable for the high reliability of the communication system. The solution is equipped with a 110V/220V/230V AC power supply and a 220V DC power supply, which fills the gap between the traditional UPS power supply and common 800W pure sine wave inverter solutions.
It uses a novel design structure that helps users to provide clean, stable and durable AC power for critical loads, and has the same high reliability as the DC power supply system. The design characteristics of the dedicated communication 800W pure sine wave inverter ensure the seamless conversion between the AC and DC power supply, almost no conversion delay, and no need to use the static switch.

Customize Range

Regard as the inverter 110vdc to 220vac, we can customize below range 
220vac output design 
24vdc to 220vac, 1-5KVA 
48vdc to 220vac, 1-6KVA, 8KVA, 10KVA
110vdc to 220vac, 1-6KVA, 8KVA, 10KVA
220vdc to 220vac, 1-6KVA, 8KVA, 10KVA
120vac output design 
24vdc to 120vac, 1-5KVA 
48vdc to 120vac, 1-6KVA 
110vdc to 120vac, 1-6KVA
All design 19 Inch 1U/2U/4U rack mount,  LCD+LED display ,  RS232&485 communication port, power factor 0.8.

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