Optical Sensor For Plastic Separator Plastic Recycling Machine Waste Plastic Hand Held Egg Cracker With Separator

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optical sensor for plastic separator plastic recycling machine waste plastic hand held egg cracker with separator



This equipment can treat all kinds of waste circuit boards, computer boards, TV boards, aluminum-plastic panels, copper plates, printed circuit boards and processing waste, waste electrical appliances, waste TVs, waste refrigerators, waste computers, waste air conditioners and other waste materials Mechanical dismantling, crushing, and recycling treatment has a high metal recovery rate, and the purity of the recovered metal is as high as 98%.


Plastic-aluminum separator suit all kinds of waste plastics-aluminum material, package, plastic boxes. soft package
,toothpaste package,medicine blister. The machine is a waste recycling and crushing model that is needed by recycled plastics production enterprises, waste aluminum recycling enterprises, aluminum products manufacturing enterprises, packaging enterprises, plastic products enterprises.

PCB CO AL separating100

Applicable raw material range:

waste printed circuit boards

waste plastics-aluminum material



1 conveyor 2 circuit board crusher 3 conveying pipeline 4 fan 5 analysis machine 6 dust removal sorting machine 7 bucket elevator 8 vibrating screen 9 specific gravity separator 10 electrostatic separator and other equipment.

PCB CO AL separating116


1: This machine is suitable for all kinds of PCB circuit boards, waste cables, waste circuit boards, copper clad laminates, circuit boards and leftover materials to be used to separate scrap metal from non-metal. The successful development of this machine not only improves the quality of recovered copper, but also prevents secondary pollution. The purity of the recovered metal is above 98% (referring to the weight ratio), and the metal recovery rate is above 98%.
2: The whole process adopts the methods of mechanical reduction and physical sorting, and the waste circuit boards are passed through a crusher, a high-efficiency impact crusher, a magnetic separator, a sorting screen, a drum electrostatic sorter, and a high-efficiency centrifugal sorting machine. , Shearing, crushing, screening, and sorting are carried out in sequence, and finally the metal-rich group and the non-metal-rich group with multiple components are separated, and the comprehensive recovery of the valuable components on the electronic waste board is realized.

PCB CO AL separating113


1. The new technology of mechanical crushing and high-voltage electrostatic separation is adopted by a special crusher for circuit boards. After dismantling, crushing and dissociation, the separation of metal and non-metals is carried out with high purity;
2. The key technology is to organically combine the special crushing and dissociation equipment for various waste circuit boards to achieve greater energy-saving effects during the production process and achieve a high metal separation rate;
3. The unit energy consumption per ton of waste circuit boards processed by the circuit board recycling equipment is only about 3/5 of that of similar domestic products; the maximum processing capacity of a single set of equipment is 1 ton per hour.




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 The interests of the customer is our first consideration, our service pursuit refinement, strong design, development, manufacturing, installation, debugging and technical maintenance, each link has made careful arrangements, to solve the customer a series of worries.


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The company officially registered on 27th Feb. 1995and set up factories in Gongyi City, Henan Province , since then, our factory made from crushing, molding, drying, sorting, cleaning, recycling equipment and other mechanical equipment, accumulated experience day by day.In 20 years our plant not only accumulated core technology of crushing, molding, drying, sorting, cleaning recycling equipment but also learned openness basing on sincerity.
Over the years , East China Machinery Factory` machinery and equipment products are exported to Russia, Australia, Brazil,Argentina, Italy, Chad, Uzbekistan, , Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia, , India, Chile, Mali, Guinea, Tanzania, Kenya,Nigeria, the Philippines, Bangladesh, , Japan and countries and regions, renowned in the international market.




Q: How do I know the quality of your machine?

A: we can test the machine and we can send you vedio the machine how to work.Also welcome you to visit our factory to see our machine personally.

Q: Which brand of motor will you use?

A: Siemens brand motor, but you can choose other brand motor.

Q: How to install?

A: we can arrange engineer to install.Or customer arrange people to come to our factory to learn how to install.
Q: How long is the machine take?

A: It normally takes 10 days, and it takes 20 days to customize the machine

Q: How long is the warranty period of the equipment?

A: 1 year.

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