7 cm Diameter New Zealand Wool Laundry Balls

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0.45USD/Pcs for 7cm White Wool Dryer Ball

 White Wool Dryer Ball

                Gray Wool Dryer Ball

                 Black Wool Dryer Ball

Certificate       All our certifications are REAL ! Please contact us to show you!

Company Profile

*  Founded in 1983.
  Have being in wool felt market for More Than 30 Years.
  We are the Leader Factory of Wool Felt and felt products in China.


Q:How Many Dryer Balls Should I Use?
A: For small loads, add 2 to 4 dryer balls. For big loads, the more you use, the better! For loads of towels and jeans, I add upwards of 6 balls.

Q: What are the packaging options available?
A: OPP bag, gift bag, cotton bag, felt bag and box can be chosen.

Q:Why use wool dryer balls?
A:Wool dryer balls will gently soften your cloth diapers, reduce static, and save you money on your electricity bills, too!

Q: Can I use it with my baby's laundry and/or cloth diapers?
A: Absolutely! It is totally safe for a baby's sensitive skin.

0.0147 s.