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The process scheme mainly includes: feed gas pressure regulating and metering unit, natural gas purification unit and natural gas liquefaction unit, refrigerant storage system, refrigerant circulating compression system, LNG storage and loading unit.


The natural gas entering the station first passes through the pressure regulating and metering unit, which realizes the pressure regulation and metering of the incoming natural gas;  The natural gas enters the natural gas purification unit, where the natural gas is subject to CO2 removal, H2S removal and dehydration treatment. MDEA process is recommended for decarbonization and H2S removal, molecular sieve dehydration process with three tower OR TEG dehydration process is recommended for dehydration; And It is recommended to use recovered and compressed BOG for regeneration gas;


Purified natural gas into the natural gas liquefaction unit, mixed refrigerant (MRC liquefaction process) is recommended for natural gas liquefaction; liquefied LNG is stored in storage tank, and atmospheric and low-temperature storage process is recommended for LNG storage. One atmospheric low-temperature storage tank is equipped with BG compressor, and BOG compressor is used to pressurize BOG before entering into molecular sieve dryer Regeneration, depending on cryogenic pump to achieve installation


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1Production capacity30×104m3/d
2Tank capacity10000m3


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