Joeyoung 1500 watt inverters pure sine wave solar power in car inverter 12v 400w 1000w 12v 220v solar power inverter

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Joeyoung DC to AC 1000w 2000w 3000w 4000w hybrid solar power inverter 120v 12 v 110 pure sine wave 24v inverter 3000w

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(1)Short circuit production.
When the load is short circuit, the inverter will stop working.

(2)High temperature production.
When the use environment is stuffy, the heat of the inverter can not be radiated. The temperature is above the rated temperature, the inverter will stop working.

(3) High voltage protections.
The battery voltage is above the rated voltage of the inverter, the inverter will stop working.

(4)Low voltage protections
The battery’s voltage falls during the usage. When it is lower than the rated voltage, the inverter will automatically cut the input voltage for the self protection.

(5) Surge protection.
It can avoid the DC high voltage’s surging attack upon the electronic components inside.

(6) Overload protection
When the appliances’ power is higher than the inverter’s power, the inverter will stop working for self protection.

(7) Over current Protection
When the appliances’ current is bigger than the inverter’ current, the protection components on the board will be cut automatically for self protection.

(8)Fuse protection.
When the appliance’s resistance is bigger than inverter’s, the fuses on the socket will be automatically cut off for self protection.

(9)Reverse protection
It can avoid the accidents of burning the inverter if the positive and the negative poles are reverse connected.

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