cold welding machine for copper wire size 0.30-1.20mm

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1. Scope of application of cold welder: Used for cold pressure welding of copper wire, aluminum wire and nonferrous metals such as gold, silver, nickel, platinum, zinc, tin, tantalum and niobium and some alloy wires.
2, the advantages of cold welder: No power supply and flux are required; the resistance and conductivity of the connector are unchanged compared with the bus bar; the copper and aluminum wire will not oxidize; the operation is portable and the deposits are easy to remove.
3. The welding principle of cold welding tongs: Cold pressure welding is a method of welding copper and aluminum wires and alloys by applying pressure without using electricity, heat, fillers and flux during welding. Under the action of concentrated pressure load, the surface area of the two contact surfaces that need to be connected is expanded. The expansion of the area causes the original protective film on the surface to hinder the welding to break. The bonding between atoms can continue to be welded by continuing to apply force.

Applicable materials
Copper Aliminum Gold Silver nickel platinum Zinc tin
Joint range for copper
Joint range for aluminum 
Machine Weight


Due to the different wire diameter required by each customer, it is impossible to unify the matching mold, so the mold needs to be customized and purchased separately


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Company is located in Jingxian County Economic Development Zone, covering over 15,000 square meters with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. Manufacturing and sales, with an annual output of 10 million units of excellent quality and reliable performance of the AC-DC micro-motor series of products, while the production of cold welding machines, mold repair machines, Casting repair machine, cast aluminum cold welder, precision mold repair machines and other high-end products, to fill the gaps in the domestic market-related industries. The company has a strict management mechanism, with independent research and development capabilities. The company set up under the product research and development, marketing, network promotion, the Ministry of Finance, such as more than 10 management departments, the existing 15 senior technical engineers, dozens of top technical personnel, sales team of more than 100 people. Products throughout the country, widely used in mold, casting, electrical, medical, automotive, shipbuilding, boilers, construction, steel, bridge construction and other industries. Involving a wide range of products, products in short supply. In order to meet the needs of the market, the company in Shanghai, Qingdao and other places with a number of subsidiaries. At the same time, the company will work with the leading enterprises in Anhui Province, South China Machinery and Electric Union alliance, the implementation of powerful combination for the company to achieve strategic development to provide a strong guarantee.

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One:Wiring range
It can be connected to +(2 wire) within 0.6mm, and can be large not be  small.
More than 0.6mm can be connected to +3 wire and -1 wire
1: Type 1 pliers: 0.08-0.5mm (copper) 0.08-0.5mm aluminum
2: Type 2 pliers: 0.3-1.0mm
3: Desktop type 2: 0.3-1.3mm
4: Desktop 3 type: 0.8-4.5mm
5: Hydraulic type 158: copper: 0.3-10mm, aluminum 3.0-13.5mm
Two: what circumstances double holes be made?
1: Type II: between 0.3-1.3mm:
Specific size (0.3-0.4mm) (0.4-0.6mm) (0.6-0.8mm) (0.8-1.3mm)
2: Three types: between 0.8-2.7mm:
Specific size (0.8-1.5mm) (1.5-2.0mm) (2.0-2.5mm) (2.5-2.7mm)

Three:What is the mold material?
The mold adopts American D2 mold steel with carbon content of 1.5% and chromium content of 11.5%, and the hardness can reach 56HRC after heat treatment. It is a semi-stainless steel. D2 steel has good wear resistance and moderate toughness. The disadvantage is that the corrosion resistance is slightly insufficient. It is a more suitable steel for practical use. D2 steel has high wear resistance and micro-deformation cold work molds. steel. D2 steel can be used to manufacture cold work die steel with large cross-section, complex shape, high impact force, and high wear resistance, such as silicon steel sheet punching die, cold cutting scissors, trimming die, etc.

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