Factory Supply Lavender Essential Oil for Sleep Health 100% Pure Natural Undiluted Therapeutic Grade for Aromatherapy Diffuser

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Product Overview


100% Pure Natural Undiluted Therapeutic Grade for Aromatherapy Diffuser Factory Supply Lavender Essential Oil 


Product Name 100% Pure Natural Undiluted Lavender Essential Oil 



Clean liquid 

Grade Therapeutic grade for cosmetics, medical
Odor Special aroma of lemongrass 
Used Massage, cosmetics for skin care, diffuser


Uses and Benefits
Aromatherapy with our diffuser ready real Bulgarian lavender essential oil can help you relax providing peace & calming effect while having the deepest and most restful sleep ever. It also reduces stress, anxiety, improves your sleep, helps lift your mood, and clear your mind. A Natural treatment for your migraines and headaches.
Relives pain, improves flexibility, treat muscle pain, increases blood circulation, lowers blood pressure, reduces tension in muscles, providing detoxifying & antioxidant support.



Lavender lends a floral and slightly sweet flavour to most dishes, and is sometimes paired with sheep's-milk and goat's-milk cheeses. For most cooking applications the dried buds, which are also referred to as flowers, are used. Some chefs experiment with the leaves but only the buds contain the essential oil of lavender, from which the scent and flavour of lavender are derived. In the United States, both lavender syrup and dried lavender buds are used to make lavender scones and marshmallows.Flower spikes are used for dried flower arrangements. The fragrant, pale purple flowers and flower buds are used in potpourris. Lavender is also used extensively as herbal filler inside sachets used to freshen linens. Dried and sealed in pouches, lavender flowers are placed among stored items of clothing to give a fresh fragrance and to deter moths. Dried lavender flowers have become recently popular for wedding confetti. Lavender is also popular in scented waters and sachets. 

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