QMX Vulcanized Ceramic Rubber Steel Liner Impact Resistant And Wear Resistant Plate

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Product Overview


Vulcanized Ceramic Rubber Steel Liner Impact Resistant And Wear Resistant Plate

Product Introduction

Rubber wear liner size
Ceramic mesterial
92% alumina 
Ceramic size
17.5*17.5*10 square ceramic mosaic lining
Ceramic thickness
Rubber thickness
Steel plate thickness
Seam tolerance
Is there a bolt
No bolts are included in this offer product. Customize accept.
Spray paint
No spray paint are included in this offer product. Customized accept.
Rubber wear liner size weight
About 10.72kg/piece
Sample time
1-5 days

92 Alumina Ceramic Liners
Mild Steel Backing Plate
Al2O3:≥92% Density:≥3.6g/cm³ 
Porosity:<0.25 compressive strength:≥1050Mpa Rockwell Harndess ≥85.5HRA Vickers Hardness Hv20:
≥1050Mpa Fracture Toughness(KIC): ≥3.7MPa.m1/2 Bending strength: ≥220Mpa Wear Volume:≤0.25cm3 Appearance: white
Rubber:Natural Tensile strength(TSB):≥15Mpa Shore A Hardness: 50-60 Thermal conductivity.(normal temperature): 2w/m·k Adhesive
between tile and rubber: 3.8Mpa Elongation: 468% Resilience:0.65
Steel Thickness: 6mm Steel: Q235A or Q235B Q235A: C 0.14-0.22% Mn 0.30-0.65% Si≤0.30 S≤0.050 P≤0.045 Q235B: C 0.12-0.20% Mn
0.30-0.670% Si≤0.30 S≤0.045 P≤0.045

Different material of ceramic lining could be choose: ZTA material is recommended
≥ 95%
≥ 99%
Density(g/ cm3)
HV 20
Rock Hardness HRA
Bending Strength MPa
Compression strength MPa
Fracture Toughness KIc MPam 1/2
Wear Volume(cm3)

Whole Plate (mm)
150x300, 300x300, 450x000, 500x500, 600x450 etc.

Ceramic Size (mm)
Square Tile: 10x10, 20x20, 33x33, 50x50, 100x100, 150x100,etc.
Hexagonal Tile: 12x3, 12x6, 19x7, 19x12.5, 19x25,etc.
Locking block with lock and groove: 38x38, 40x40, 30x30,etc.
Dimple Tile: 20x20 with 5 dimples, 20x30 with 18 dimples, 20x30 with
13 dimples, 20x20 with 1 semi-spherical surface
Ceramic Thickness (mm)
Alloy Steel Size (mm)
Thickness: 3-10mm
Rubber Thickness (mm)
Depends on the impact stress expected.

If you want to get a quick quote, please send us these details:

1.Sample quantity, bulk order quantity
2. Application industry
3.Target price
4. Sample shipping address
5. If you need customization, please send us the size and drawing.

Product description:
Also named wear ceramic parts, wear rubber ceramic plate, wear-resistant ceramic pads.
Ceramic rubber composite pads&plate is the use of rubber vulcanization process, to embed the wear-resistant ceramic vulcanized into rubber, stick it on the inner all of the equipment with the adhesive paste. As customers' requirements, it also can be vulcanized together with steel plates, with bolts or not.

It combines wear-resistance of ceramic and impact-resistance of rubber, applies to convey systems equipment work under normal temperature, and can bear some impact.

Ceramic rubber composite board is divided into two in one and three in one. Among them, two-in-one refers to ceramic and rubber, which is a two-layer structure. It is mainly used for parts that are easy to install and parts with a circular arc shape, such as a circular cone funnel, a driving roller of a belt conveyor, and the like. The connection method of the two-in-one ceramic rubber composite board uses a special rubber adhesive, and the composite board is bonded to the steel plate of the device with a high-strength adhesive to form a strong, cushioning wear-resistant layer.

Three-in-one refers to the ceramic-rubber-steel composite plate, which is a three-layer structure. The three-in-one composite plate comes with bolts for easy installation. It is mainly used for the protection of the blanking point of the square chute, blanking tube, and bulk materials. Terminal transportation equipment, mine transfer equipment, etc.

Impact-resistant and wear-resistant ceramic rubber composite lining board (three-in-one lining board) is mainly used in the thermal power industry (falling coal pipe lining board), the steel industry (blast furnace hopper, cylindrical mixer), the cement building materials industry (clinker) Chute), smelting industry (hopper), machinery industry (hopper), coal industry (transportation station chute), mining industry (initial break, medium, and fine breakage, transfer chute hopper), chemical industry (chute), organic silicon industry (level two) Heavy-duty cyclone dust collector), coal chemical industry (falling coal pipe), port terminal (ship unloader hopper), commercial industry (mixer liner), automobile manufacturing and other heavy-wearing industries.


ISO 9001
ISO 14001
ISO 45001

Product packaging

Company Profile

Our main products:
1. 92/T95/ZTA wear-resistant ceramic liner/tube.
2. Rubber wear liner: 300*300*63, 500*500*64mm, etc.
3.Steel pipe with ceramic lining.
4.PU lining, polyurethane lining
5.Ceramic grinding ball:
1)Alumina grinding ball
Rolled type: 0.5-30 mm
Pressed type:30-70 mm
2)ZTA grinding ball: .5-13 mm
3)Zirconium silicate grinding ball:0.5-13 mm
4)Cerium zirconium grinding ball:0.4-34 mm
5)Yttrium zirconium grinding ball:0.1-30mm
6.Wearing compound ceramic bead epoxy


1. Q: What's your MOQ?
A: 20 pieces.
Sample order 1-3 pieces.

2. Q: Sample free?
A: Depend on the size.

3. Q: Sample shipping fee free?
A: Sample shipping fee need buyer pay. But when bulk order sample shipping fee could be returned.

4. Q:Sample time and bulk time?
A: Product in stock : Samples time 1-3 days, bulk time 3-15 days.
Customized product :Samples time 5-10 days, bulk time 10-40 days.
The specific time depends on the situation.
5 Q: Accept customized?
A: Yes.Kindly send all your details to our online seller please.

6. Q:What is your terms of payment ?
A: EXW, 30% T/T in advance ,balance before shipment.
FOB, DDP, DDU etc, T/T 30% as the deposit, the balance against copy of B/L after shipment.

If you want to get a quick quote, please send us these details:

1.Sample quantity, bulk order quantity
2. Application industry
3.Target price
4. Sample shipping address
5. Size and drawing.

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