carbon active charcoal 2 ton carbonization for making charcoal

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Product Overview


carbon active charcoal  2 ton carbonization for making charcoal

Product Description


       Energy-saving and environment-friendly continuous carbonization furnace can be continuous through the combustible gas produced by one-point gasification furnace, which has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection and high efficiency. Continuous carbon powder machine carbonization principle: ignit combustible materials (such as sawdust, wood scraps, etc.) in the gasification furnace, and the flue gas generated after combustion passes through the processes of spraying, cooling, and purification in the pipeline. Sexual gas (carbon monoxide, methane, ethane, etc.) is used as a heat source for pre-carbonization, heating and drying the raw materials in the second carbonization tube in the carbonization machine, and carbonization of the third and fourth carbonization tubes. The flue gas generated during the carbonization process is then sprayed, cooled, and purified to allow the combustible gas to be combusted again. Circulate in this way, use the heat generated by the self to burn the self, to achieve the effect of energy saving.


model(m3)  Output (kg/day)  power(KW)  weight(kg)  Dimensions(mm)
4 1000 1.5 4000 2300*1700*2000
1500  1.5  5000  3000*1700*2000 
2000  1.5  6000  3300*2000*2200 




Product Features:

 1. When the carbonization machine is just started (first feeding), it needs a heat source to heat the carbonization furnace.

  •  One is to use the hot air flow generated by the reverberatory furnace for combustion and carbonization to achieve the purpose of heating and carbonization.
  • The other is to use the gasification furnace device, the sawdust is ignited by the gasification furnace, and the combustible gas produced by the gasification is burned and carbonized to achieve the purpose of heating up the carbonization (the gasified sawdust passes through this carbonized carbon powder output device to become carbonized Used charcoal powder, in addition combustible gas is recovered by wood tar recovery device)

2. When the carbonization temperature reaches a certain temperature, the combustible gas generated inside is separated by a dust separator, and the combustible gas after the dust separation is recovered by a wood tar recovery device.

3. After the carbonization heating self-produced gas, the reverberator heating or gasifier gas production device stops working at this time, and the preliminary heating equipment is finished.

4. After carbonization for about 2-3 hours (time and temperature are different), the carbon powder slowly flows from the carbonization into the carbonized carbon powder cooler and flows out from the cooler. The equipment can be discharged continuously without interruption.

5. Wood tar is an important chemical raw material. Wood tar contains more than 300 kinds of chemical elements. This equipment will automatically discharge wood tar.






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