80% 85% Al2O3 Grain Size 1-3mm Rotary Kiln sintered Bauxite Calcined for High Alumina Brick Making

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Product Overview


Bauxite is the main raw material for making advanced refractory materials, refractory bricks, castables, special ceramics, foundry coatings, bauxite cement, casting accessories, industrial alumina and other unshaped refractory materials. It is mainly used for refractory materials and industrial aluminum smelting , Precision casting, water treatment, special ceramics, coatings and other industries, the company can process products of different particle sizes according to different uses, welcome to consult.

Product Infomation

1.Refractory Grade: Refractory grade bauxite has high refractoriness, good mechanical strength and moderate slag resistance. Bauxite in the refractory industry is typically used in ladle working lining, tundish furniture, delta sections, general perpose repairment, aluminium melting furnace and mineral processing. 

 2.Calcined bauxite: For calcined Bauxite, there are three kinds of kilns for bauxite production mainly, rotary kiln, shaft kiln and round kiln.

Company Profile
Henan Longxin Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Shecun Town, Zhengzhou, Henan, the hometown of refractory materials in China. The local area is rich in bauxite and is the production base of high alumina refractories in my country. The company was founded in 1990 with fixed assets of 20 million yuan and an annual output of 20,000 tons. The company enjoys a high reputation in the industry with advanced automated production equipment, natural gas sintering process and perfect after-sales service, and is rated as an energy-saving and environmental protection model company by relevant units. The company's main products are high-alumina bricks, high-alumina insulation bricks, high-aluminum semi-insulation bricks, clay bricks, clay insulation bricks, diatomaceous earth insulation bricks, perlite insulation bricks, and other specifications of shaped refractory materials; casting materials, ramming materials , Hot filler, plastic, spray paint, refractory mud and other types of unshaped refractory materials; bauxite (raw meal, clinker, aggregate, fine powder), homogenizer, silica, quartz stone, feldspar Wait for different grades of refractory raw materials. The products of the company sell well all over the country and are exported to Japan, South Korea and Europe. We insist on honesty, quality products and perfect service to make friends in the world.
(1) Aluminum smelting industry. Used in national defense, aviation, automobiles, electrical appliances, chemicals, daily necessities, etc. (2) Precision casting. The bauxite clinker is processed into fine powder to make a mold and then cast accurately. Used in military, aerospace, communications, instrumentation, machinery and medical equipment departments. (3) For refractory products. The high bauxite clinker has a refractoriness of up to 1780°C, strong chemical stability and good physical properties. (4) Aluminum silicate refractory fiber. It has the advantages of light weight, high temperature resistance, good thermal stability, low thermal conductivity, small heat capacity and resistance to mechanical vibration. Used in various industries such as steel, nonferrous metallurgy, electronics, petroleum, chemical industry, aerospace, atomic energy, national defense, etc. It puts high-aluminum clinker into a high-temperature electric arc furnace with a melting temperature of about 2000-2200°C. After high-temperature melting, high-pressure high-speed air or steam injection and cooling, it becomes white "cotton"-aluminum silicate refractory fiber. It can be pressed into fiber blankets, boards or woven into cloth instead of lining refractory bricks in industrial high-temperature kilns such as smelting, chemical and glass. Firefighters can use refractory fiber cloth to make clothes. (5) Using magnesia and bauxite clinker as raw materials, adding appropriate binding agent, it is used for pouring the overall barrel lining of the steel drum with good effect. (6) Manufacture of bauxite cement, abrasive materials, ceramic industry and chemical industry can make various compounds of aluminum.
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