Virtual RAID on CPU VROC Key Standard Premium and SSD Only RAID NVME X299 X399 C422 C621

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Product Description

Virtual RAID on CPU VROC Key Standard Premium and SSD Only RAID NVME for X299 X399 C422 C621

- Unleashes performance potential of NVMe* SSDs in RAID arrays
- Enterprise level RAID data protection
- Scalable RAID for growth on demand
- Supports up to 24 NVMe* SSDs directly attached to CPUs on a dual socket server
- Provides support for rich management tools for easy maintenance

Supported Platform:
Platforms with Xeon processor Scalable family processors, Xeon W processors, or Xeon D processors

VROC Standard: RAID 0/1/10; 3rd Party SSD Support
VROC Premium: RAID 0/1/5/10; 3rd Party SSD Support
VROC Intel® SSD Only: RAID 0/1/5/10; No 3rd Party SSD Support

Bootable RAID
- RAID controller spanning for data volumes
- Management Tools (UEFI CLI, UEFI HII, OS CLI, GUI, Remote Webpage)
- Surprise Hot-plug
- Status LED Indication
- Hot Spare and Auto-rebuild
- Email Notifications for RAID events
- RAID 5 Power Loss Protection for Degraded Volume (Double Fault Protection)
- Bad Block Management
- Various Strip Sizes (4k, 8k, 16k, 32k, 64k, 128k)

SSD Support List:
Supports all Intel SSDs for Data Center and Professional, w/ NVMe Support
Supported 3rd Party SSDs:
* Huawei ES3600P ES3500P
* Lenovo Atsani
* Micron 9100 ,9200
* Samsung PM953, PM961,PM963,PM983, SM951, SM961
* Toshiba XG3 XG5

* WD SN720 ,SN200

Supported Configurations:
* Up to 24 SSDs per Intel® VMD controller, per RAID array, per system
* Up to 12 arrays per system
* Up to 2 RAID volumes per array
* Up to 2 levels of switches
* Data volume can span across Intel VMD controllers
* * Note: the boot volume cannot span

System Requirements
* Platforms: Xeon processor Scalable family
* Processor: Xeon Scalable Processor w/ VMD & VROC enabled
* Bios: Must have VMD Support
* Motherboard: Requires VROC Hardware Key Header
* Software: VROC Software Package
* Operating System Support:
- Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.3
- SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 SP3
- Windows® 2016
- Windows® 2012 R2
- Windows® 10
- Windows® 7 w/ SP2

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