Подушка из бутадиен-стирольного каучука порошок для пороговый симистор прикладной программы битумной гидроизоляцией HF-0805

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Product Overview


asphalt waterproof

I am a new type of asphalt waterproof raw material enterprise, I produce SBR powder, mainly used in SBS asphalt waterproof, self-adhesive asphalt waterproof, APP asphalt waterproof and rubber asphalt waterproof coating.
Our SBR powder is used in 80% of enterprises in China, South Korea and India, such as grace in the United States, tehenico in Russia, soprima and Vader in Germany. Our SBR powder is used in the production of SBS asphalt waterproof and self-adhesive asphalt waterproof.
We have our own waterproof Research Institute, which mainly provides the formulation and technical services of various asphalt waterproof rolls.
In the attachment are the introduction, usage and a simple formula of our products (self-adhesive asphalt waterproof).
If you and your technology are interested in our products, I can arrange to send out samples.

.jpgHF-01 (1).jpgHF-01 (2).jpgHF-01 (3).jpgHF-01 (5).jpg 

Company Culture


Packaging & Shipping


  • The package of products should have clear and firm mark.

  • It includes manufactory name, product name,date of manufacture or lot number, net volume, standard number, avoid direct sunlight and rain markings of GB/T 191, etc.


  • Products’ sealed package has two layers

  • The inner one is black polyethylene vacuum package and the outside is carton.

  • 12.jpg


  • In the transportation process, avoid insolation, rain 

  •  Take care of products to prevent packing damage.


  • Store in shade, ventilated and dry storehouse

  • Avoid pile up in open air and under direct sunlight.


  • Styrene-butadiene rubber granule stores in vacuum package.

  • It easily causes self-ignition if left untouched for long periods of time after open it, therefore, timely seal up it.

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