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Product Name Xenon
Chemical Formula Xe
Hazard Class 2.2
Molecular Weight 131.29
Boiling Point(℃) -108.12
Boiling Point(℉) -162.6
Density(kg/m³) 5.586
Density(lb/ft³) 0.341
CAS 7440-63-3
UN 2036




Xenon is obtained from air separation plants. In view of its very low natural concentration in air, it is only economically viable to recover xenon from larger plants. In these cases a stream containing a mixture of crude xenon and krypton is extracted from the plant and processed in a separate purification and distillation system.


Cylinder :10L                      Valve :CGA580                       Content :1m3

Cylinder: 50L                      Valve: CGA580                       Content :10m3


Xenon is used

1. in some types of ion and excimer lasers. These are used for medical, semiconductor and industrial applications, and for research programmes,such as dark matter research

1. as a rocket fuel for small ion thrusters to position satellites in orbit
2. in the lighting industry. Both sodium and mercury lamps, which are used extensively for outdoor lighting, such as on motorways and other roads, are filled with pure xenon
3. for masspectrometer calibration
4. as a general anaesthetic



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