Hot selling supplements vitamin c effervescent tablet 1000mg for skin whitening product energy drink effervescent tablet

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Hot selling supplements vitamin c effervescent tablet 1000mg for skin whitening product energy drink effervescent tablet

Functional Drink "vitamin c effervescent tablets"
Vitamin c content: 1000 mg , OEM/ODM private label
Soecification: 20pcs/tube
Packaging: 100 tubes/carton, 192 tubes/carton, 150 tubes/carton
Shelf life: 24 months

Functional vitamin c effervescent tablets
* Dietary Supplement
* Vitamin C helps support healthy immune functions,it is essential for collagen production
* Vitamin C is an important antioxidant that promotes health. Vitamin C maintains healthy bones, teeth, skin, cartilage and blood vessels

Product Name
Vitamin c effervescent tablet
Main Ingredient
Vitamin c 1000mg
Formula 1
Orange powder, citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, potassium acetylsulfamate, lemon yellow, carmine, calcium carbonate, ferrous
fumarate, zinc sulfate, vitamin E, vitamin C, nicotinic acid, pantothenic acid, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B6,
folic acid, vitamin B12, vitaminophin D, edible essence
Formula 2
Vitamin C & Zinc
Formula 3
Vitamin C & Calcium
Fomula 4
Vitamin C & Iron
Customized formula
Suit crowds
Supplement the vitamin c for adult.
Usage and dosage
1 tablet one time, 3 tablet one day. Put one tablet into about 200ml warm (cool) drinking water and drink after it dissolves.
Drink it after meals.
4g per tablet.
Shelf life
24 months.
Keep tightly in a cool and dry place.
Should not be more than the dose recommended or use the same kind of production in the meantime, should not be swallow.
1.1 or 2 tablets twice daily or as recommended by healthcare provider.
2. Dissolve tablet in 100 ml of drinking water,stir well-make sure the tablets is completely dissolved before use.
3. Adult only,not to be used in children under two years of age without medical advice.
4. Do not swallow tablets,always dissolve.
5. Keep medicine out of reach of children.

1. Promote the biosynthesis of collagen, which will help tissue wound healing faster; promote the synthesis of collagen to prevent
bleeding gums; promote tooth and bone growth, prevent bleeding gums, prevent joint pain, back pain.
2. Promote the metabolism of tyrosine and tryptophan in amino acids, prolong the life of the body; enhance the body's anti-stress
ability and immunity to the external environment.
3. Improve iron, calcium and folic acid utilization; improve fat and lipid metabolism, especially cholesterol, prevent
cardiovascular disease.
4. Insist on taking vitamin C on time, which can reduce skin pigmentation, thereby reducing dark spots and freckles, the skinwhite.
5. Anemia treatment: It can promote intestinal absorption of iron and improve liver utilization of iron to help treat iron
deficiency anemia.
6. Rich collagen helps to prevent the spread of cancer cells. The anti-oxidant effect of VC can resist free radical damage to
cells and prevent cell mutation.
Packing & Delivery
Packaging: Customized packaging.
Packaging 1: 20pcs/tube * 25 tubes/small box * 4 small box/carton.
Packaging 2: 20pcs/tube * 15 tubes/tray * 10 trays/carton (The tray can be customized with the private logo).
Packaging 3: 20pcs/tube * 12 tubes/tray * 16 trays/carton (The tray can be customized with the private logo).
1.What's the effervescent tablets?
Effervescent tablets are tablets that are designed to break down rapidly when they are dropped into water or another liquid,releasing carbon dioxide in the process. The rapid breakdown causes the tablet to dissolve into a solution, and it often makes the solution frothy or fizzy.

2.What's the advantages of effervescent tablets?
1) It's easy to be absorbed by our body.
2) Effervescent tablets can be used to protect certain ingredients from the highly acidic environment of the stomach, so that the body has a chance to access them.
3) Fashionable and easy-taking.

3. Do you accept customized brand?
Yes, we can offer you the products as your any requirement, and we also offer you OEM/ODM service.

4. Free samples is ok?
Yes, we can provide you free samples to test.

5. Do you customized the formula?
Yes, we can customize your formula.

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