LED Display Mobile Gas Chromatograph with 4 Detector Max

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Product Description

Brief introduction:

The GC-9870 high-end gas chromatograph is upgraded and replaced on the basis of our company's GC-9860. It has an atmospheric and well-structured design, and is loaded with Chinese and English display technology independently developed by our company. Its automation level and overall performance have been greatly improved. The highly stable, highly sensitive micro-current amplification technology significantly increases the FID detection limit, and the sensitivity of the new thermal conductivity detector is increased by a factor of five. Shorten the gap between domestic and imported models, and meet the requirements of petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, environmental protection, disease control, research institutions and quality inspection departments.

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Main features:

● Chinese and English switching display technology, 5.7-inch LCD large screen (320 * 240). Up to 20 display interfaces, rich in information, can store 20 sets of chromatographic data, and can be called at any time.
● Industrial design shape, novel and generous, beautiful and practical, reasonable structure and comfortable operation.
● Gas-break protection function to maximize protection of columns and thermal conductivity cells, electron capture detectors, etc.
● Eight-stage linear temperature programming function and intelligent double rear door design, realizing near-room temperature control, temperature control accuracy up to ±0.1 °C to meet wide range analysis requirements.
● Perfect over-temperature protection and platinum resistance open circuit and short circuit alarm function to ensure the instrument is not damaged.
● Self-diagnosis function and fault Chinese prompt, so that users can easily know the cause and location of the problem.
● Advanced FLASH memory system makes data permanent protection no longer dependent on battery.
● The microcomputer controlled FID detector implements the auto-ignition function.
● High-precision steady-state steady-flow mode makes the airflow precise and stable, and realizes multi-channel pneumatic control system.
● High-performance capillary vaporization chamber enables a true split/splitless injection system.
● 1-4 detectors can be installed at the same time. It can be operated with dual FID or dual TCD or dual ECD or dual NPD. TCD is equipped with a double-column post-replenishment gas, so it can be used in single-column, double-column, and capillary columns.
● It can be installed and operated with 1-3 sets of capillary columns at the same time and can run 3 detectors at the same time. One instrument is equivalent to three (common to the column room). Or double FID double hair. Double TCD double hair. The dual TCD works at the same time, and does not affect each other. The carrier gas can be independent of each other. The cumbersome task of replacing the column and detector is avoided.
● It can realize the serial and parallel use of the detector and intelligent automatic conversion through event control.
● The instrument can be installed with a variety of injection methods such as reformer, thermal desorber, autosampler, automatic headspace sampler, and cracker. Automatic sampling at regular intervals for automatic online analysis.
● The instrument is especially suitable for various enterprises, technical supervision bureaus, environmental monitoring, health and epidemic prevention, universities and colleges, scientific research and other departments.

Technical parameters:

●Outer size: 520 × 480 × 500mm (length × height × width)
●The size of the oven: 260 × 250 × 150mm (length × height × depth)
● Column installation span: 152.4mm (6-inch standard interface)
●Column column: outer diameter of packed column 3 ~ 5mm (metal column or glass column)
● Instrument weight: 50Kg
●Maximum power: 2500W
●Voltage: 220±10%
● oven temperature control range: room temperature plus 5 ° C -400 ° C (in 1 ° C increments)
● Temperature accuracy: no more than ± 0.1 ° C
● Temperature gradient: ±1% (temperature range 100 °C-350 °C) programmed temperature
● Heating rate: 0.1-50 ° C / min (in 0.1 ° C increments)
●Time setting: 6000 (min)
● Program order: 8th order

Detector specifications:

Hydrogen flame ionization detector (FID)

● Detection limit: Mt ≤ 2 × 10-12g / s (n-hexadecane);
● Noise: ≤ 2 × 10-14A (0.02mv)
● Drift: ≤1.5×10-13A/30min (0.15mv/0.5h)
● Linear range: ≥107

● Maximum operating temperature: ≤450°C

Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD)
● Sensitivity: S≥10000mV.ml/mg (n-hexadecane)
● Noise: ≤20μV
● Baseline drift: ≤150μv/30min

Electronic capture detector (ECD)
● Detection limit: ≤1×10-14g/ml
● Linear range: 104

● Radioactive source: 63Ni

 Flame Photometric Detector (FPD)
● Detection limit: (P) ≤ 1 × 10-12g / s; (S) ≤ 1 × 10-12g / s
● Linear range: 105 (P) 103 (S)

Nitrogen and Phosphorus Detector (NPD)
● Detection limit: (N) ≤ 5 × 10-13g / s; (S) ≤ 5 × 10-13g / s

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