Japanese frying pot nonstick fryer tampura fryer

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household small mini thick multifunction smokelesstempura frying pan

Try to keep the oil temperature stable when frying food,the fried food is crispy and delicious.
Feather:High quality wrought iron,Precision Forging;
Precision Forging,No heavy metals;
High purity fine iron base material,High temperature special process,Strong and durable;
Fast heating effect,More uniform heating.
product name
mini deep fryer
Pan diameter
Pot depth
Cast iron
Details Images
Concave pot bottom
Large heating area;
Magnetic conductivity;
Suitable for any stove.
Anti-scalding handle
High temperature resistant coating;
Stainless steel oil filter rack
Fry while draining oil;
Convenient cleaning.
Bird mouth diversion Port
Convenient dumping;
No oil leakage
Rivet fixing
Rivet connection;
Strong and durable;
Safe and reliable.
Cast iron pot body
Magnetic conductivity;
General purpose induction cooker;
Don't pick pot.
Product picture
1.Do not pour oil when there is water in the pan,to avoid splashing of hot oil;
2.Do not pour cold water in an empty state,in case of deformation or damage of the pot body;
3.For security,please keep children away from the fryer at work;
4.Do not scrub the pan body with cleaning balls or hard objects,affect the use and beauty.
Fried method
Fried shrimp tempura

1. Wash fresh shrimps with flowing water,pick out mud sausage after head removal,remove the shrimp shell and keep the tail shell;
2. Add ice water to the scattered egg yolk and mix well,then add low gluten flour,stir a little into batter,fried tempura's face coat;
3. When the oil temperature reaches 180 °,the processed prawns,wrap a layer of flour,fry in a pan until crisp,take it out and put it on the tissue to drain the oil.
French fries
1. Peel and wash the potatoes,cut into strips,into the water spare;
2.Put the cut potato chips into boiling water and boil for 2-3 minutes,remove and drain water cool then put it in the refrigerator to freeze,after freezing, Fry as you eat;
3.Pot into the amount of oil,add frozen French fries when heated to 60%,fry until golden yellow, then take it out and drain the oil;
4.Sprinkle a little salt when eating
Fried chicken wings
1. Wash chicken wings after thawing,with toothpicks on both sides of the chicken wings countless times,add all the seasonings, stir well, and marinate for 1 hour;
2Prepare appropriate amount of starch,egg liquid and bread crumb,coat chicken wings with starch,wrapped with egg liquid,finally spread bread crumbs;
3.When the oil temperature reaches 80% heat,insert a chopstick,there will be many bubbles beside the chopsticks,put chicken wings into the pot,medium and small fire fried to golden yellow on both sides;
4. Take it out,use kitchen paper to absorb oil,you can eat it.
Packing & Delivery
Generally,we adopt standard containers, bare main machine, motors and small parts are packed in wooden cases.Or depend on your demands.
1.The mode of transportation we according to the size of the goods or the customer requirements, the samll package will take the DHL , TNT, UPS ect , the large size package machine will take the sea shipping and 20ft, 40ft, 40hp container.
2. Waterproof packing with the international export standard by 20ft, 40ft, 40hp container. Equipment Fittings, Electric Motor and Power Cabinet will be packed in Wooden Case or Iron Box. Other Equipment will be packed by Color-Stripes Plastic Cloth.
3.The whole plant machinery size are large as normal, so we will use Waterproof cloth to pack all of them. The motor, gear box or other easily damaged parts, we will put them into box. We have a professional shipping department, they will try them best to save your container quantity.
Company Profile
Chuangyuan Food Machinery Co,. LTD. established in 1996, we are a professional food machinery manufacturer. Today Chuangyuan food machinery is a well-known brand around the world specializing in deep-processing equipment which consists of vegetables processing series, poultry cleaning and processing, rice processing series and leisure food production series. Chuangyuan has become a leading high-tech enterprise commanding its authority in research and development, manufacturing and marketing. We uphold to create value for our customers , contribute to the community : casting industry high-tip quality and become one of the most trusted brands within the community! Our business objectives: produce highest cost-effective products and with utmost paramount importance to provide superior customer experience! We are willing to work with you hand in hand to create a brilliant tomorrow!
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