ADMT-300S-X Screen Touch Depth Adjustable Water Detector for 300m

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Product Overview


ADMT-300S-X  Bluetooth Connect Water Detector for 300m

 underground water locator 300m underground water detector for drilling


1.Easy to Operate, One Person Can Handle

2.Convenient to Carry, Light for Portable

3.Accurate to Locate, Cost Less time

4.Spread to Wholeworld 



ADMT-300S-X 100m 200M 300M depth 3D touch screen underground water detector / water finder/ground water detector/underground water detection :

1.     Automatically forming the 3D /2D graphs: Measuring by mobile phone and automatically forming the graphs on the mainframe directly after done.

2.     Free of cabling: Measuring by walk and stop , and can use wireless sensor probes to solve cabling problems.

3.     Online Instant Experts communication: You can directly communicate with our online experts for advise by mobile phone APP, uploading photos in the scene, instant data, effect graphs and etc to communicate online.

4.     Free of USB disk: Data is directly stored in the mobile phone, or uploading to the cloud for permanently store or download to the computer.

5.     Independent Choice of Display size: The display size and capability of mobile phone or tablet PC for operating is update to your own. What size of your mobile phones or tablet PC is, what experience of display you can get (5”, 6”, 8”, 10” etc as you have).

6.     More reasonable Data Processing: Strengthen the function of “Field Source Modify”

300S-x 1300S-x 2321300S-x 1300S-x 2



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