Cast Iron pot Enameled Non Stick Dutch Oven cookware kitchenware 20 cm Made In TURKEY Hot sale HIGH QUALITY

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Product Code: Sil1120

Category: Cast Iron Cussinero Series Pots

Size: 20 Cm

Liter: 4 L

Kg: 2.50 Kg

Serving: 4-5 Person

Material: Cast Iron

Surface Coating: Enamel

Brand: Silver

Production: Since 1958

Made in Turkey

Sender: Turkey

Warranty: 5 Years



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Cast iron that is coated with protective layer is called as (enamel) cast iron.


Enamel operation which removes the difficulties rising in the phases of use, maintenance and cleaning of raw cast iron has simplified the use of cast iron kitchenware and caused this material to be preferred and to become more widespread. Thanks to this technique which shape to be applied in late 19. Century and early 20. Century, cast iron saucepans and pans with bright colors and enamel coating have become more popular. Protective layer avoids rusting, and removes the necessity of washing and greasing at the end of each use. Additionally, it enables the items to be washed in dish-washer when necessary. Due to the fact that protective layer is a kind of ejected glassy surface, it enables use of the eyeful, colors which don't lose its brightness in the face of high heat. Protective layer covers the internal and external surfaces; however, cast iron is observable on the points where two surfaces to join each other. For this reason, you may able to understand whether a kitchenware is cast iron or not in the direction of these details. Despite the fact that kitchenware that are produced through enamel coated cast iron is dishwasher-safe, they are not generally suggested to be washed in a dish-washer. As a matter of fact, points where cast iron is observable may be damaged. In addition to this, protective layer may also get affected by chemical detergent in consequence long-term of machine-washing. Most of the famous cooks and cuisine chefs prefer cooking dishes through use of cast iron kitchenware.


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Food cooked with cast iron saucepans will be way too much delicious that the food cooked with saucepans produced with other materials. The reason behind it is the equal distribution of heat and its ability to cook your food at medium heat without any heat abduction. Meat cooked with Silver cast iron pans / grills will be soft and delicious while they will also cook the meat by sealing its delight in a perfect way. You may also not add oil when you are cooking your meat with cast iron items. You may use a trace of oil if you desire.







Why Silver Cast Iron?



Silver cast iron saucepans and frying-pans offer healthy and delicious food selections for your kitchen. Our products are made of 100% cast iron.

1-Thermal conduction of Silver cast iron saucepans are perfect, therefore there will be no heat difference between its bottom and lateral parts. Equal heat distribution is provided for all parts of the saucepan. Homogeneous cooking is provided due to the fact that the same heat rate is distributed to the absolute amount of food current in the pan.

2-Due to the fact that it distributes the heat equally as well as rapidly, it is possible to perform a good cooking with lower heats in shorter times.

3-Food doesn't stick and burn inside pan and saucepans.

4-It provides supremacy in terms of cooking meat products. Meat doesn't loseits delight. Surfaces of pans prevent hands from being burned. It is also possible to cook meat with grilled-taste.

5-Vapor originated within the saucepan concentrates thanks to the special Silver lid and It remixed the with food; note only it provides wonderful aroma and savor, but it also protects nutritive value of food and enables you to cook more healthy foods.

6-Internal and external surfaces of saucepans and pans are enameled. Enamel prevents the saucepans from rust. No bacterial growth is observed.

7-Silver cast iron saucepans and pans can be used on every kind of stoves. It is also possible to use them in furnaces. Thanks to its enamel layer, induction stoves are not scratched. It shall not be used in microwave ovens.




Cleaning and Maintenance Tips


After using Silver products, always cool the products for a few minutes before washing them in water. Clean the pan/pot with warm water, dish soap and a soft sponge or brush. If there is leftover food, fill the pot with warm will leave it in water for 15-20 minutes, then wash it as usual. Nylon or soft sanding pads or brushes can be used to remove stubborn stains. Do not use metallic pads or harsh abrasive cleaning agents, as they may damage the enamel. Don't fill the hot pot with cold water or put it in cold water, as enamel can cause heat shock damage. Dry completely to prevent water stains. All our products can be washed in the dishwasher. However, we recommend you that wash by hand to prolong the beauty of cookware. Silver cast iron is extremely durable, but it should not fall from high levels as it can damage the product.




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Packaging & Shipping


Product Shipment Preparation and Packaging Process


Packing is done by carefully packing and control team. Products are passed through quality control.






Company Information


Silver Cast Iron


Silver A. INC. has been among the leading corporations of Turkey in the field of cast iron thanks to its experience and knowledge that have been accumulating for a half-century. SILVER A. INC. reflects quality and service on pots, fry pans and grills in the direction of its original and creative studies. The company has adopted itself to the principle of being the most successful pioneer in the field of cast iron production increasing by its to the allurement upmost levels. Our products have been rewarded with the “2012 High-Design Award of worthy.” our aim is to experience the felicitousness of putting our products into service for our customers with Silver in Inc.. Silver will continue its confident steps for future thanks to its long-term business partnership, quality products, service and contributions to national economy along with providing high-quality and low-priced products for its customers.

SILVER Company Union, foundation of which was laid by DOKUMIS HEAT ENAMEL SAN. AND TRADING CO. A. AS in 1958 has the most modern facility with the most advanced technologies of Turkey. DOKUMIS HEAT ENAMEL SAN. AND TRADING CO. A. AS that is the firm of locomotive company union performs its production in its factory with 20.500 m2 of indoor of of space and 47.650 m2 of outdoor space. All products by produced Silver Company Union are in compliance with EU standards. Silver A. AS that determines the quality of its production and management with a variety of certificates of quality, total off) cz Diamond and ISO 9001-2008 management system controls and tracks all technological developments, designing innovations and each phase In sector as well as it raises off) cz Diamond and design of the bar with customer-focused studies.




SILVER cast cooking pots and pans have the following certificates and are officially registered that they are compliant with the world food standards.


- Have RoSH, REACH documents and not include hazardous substances on human healty.

- Compliant with the LFGB German Food Law.


- Compliant with European food standards,84/500/EEC.4

- Successfully pased the tests of cold Citric Acid, Boiling Citric Acid, Boiling Water, Vaporand Detergent.

- EC compliance certificate.

- ISO 9001-2008 Quality Management System.




Quality Certificates







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