Бесплатная доставка, 1000 семян бамбука гигантского Моса

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Product Overview


Top quality fresh harvest giant hardy bamboo
Phyllostachys pubescens moso bamboo seeds

Product Description

Moso bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens or Phyllosatchys edulis ) is the mostly planted and processed bamboo species in China commercially. Its total plantation area takes up around 70% of total in China. Most bamboo products in market are made from moso bamboo poles.

We work together with local forestry departments to apply flowering protection, fertilization during flowering stage to increase the quality of our moso seeds.
We choose the best quality of seeds as soon as harvest is done.

Moso Seeds Harvest

Seed collect time
September in 2020
Seed collection location
Guangxi province China
Seed size
around 2 cm long, 2 mm wide
Weight of 1,000 seeds
around 35 grams
Best germination temperature
20-25 centigrade
Germination rate
70% in April 2021 
Shelf life
1 year, better to sow within 1 year after harvest

Latest germination test was taken in middle April 2021 on wet tissue paper
31 good seeds from 1 gram, 22 of which germinated well.
Germination Rate: 70.1%

30 days moso seedlings
100 days moso seedlings
1-year old moso seedlings

Naturix Bamboo Seeds Collection 2021

Bamboo seeds are not like other plants seeds which can be bred or produced in commercial farm.
Bamboo flowers once in a life time which is usually 60-120 years.
Some bamboo species flower but never produce seeds due to natural pollination deficiency.
It's common for some bamboo seeds to have low germination rate.
We test our seeds from time to time to make sure they are viable.
(Click the pictures below to read details of each item)
If you need a smaple package of our bamboo seeds, pls click here.

Phyllostachys edulis
Dia: 6-12 cm
Height: 10-15 m
Dendrocalamus asper s1
Dia: 10-18 cm
Height: 16-26 m

Dendrocalamus sp. Thai
Dia: 10-18 cm
Height: 16-26 m
Dendrocalamus sinicus
Dia: 20-30 cm
Height: 20-30 m

Bambusa longinternode
Dia: 6-12 cm
Height: 15-20 m
Bambusa tulda
Dia: 5-7 cm
Height: 8-10 m

Bambusa polymorpha
Dia: 7-15 cm
Height: 15-20 m
Cephalostachyum pergracile
Dia: 5-7.5 cm
Height: 9-12 m

Dendrocalamus latiflorus
Dia: 15-30 cm
Height: 20-25 m
Dendrocalamus peculiaris
Dia: 10-15 cm
Height: 13-18 m

Gigantochloa biclor
Dia: 3-6 cm
Height: 7-10 m
Dendrocalamus membranaceus
Dia: 7-10 cm
Height: 8-15 m

Fargesia sp. 'Guizhou'
Dia: 1-3 cm
Height: 3-6 m
Fargesia sp. South Yunnan
Dia: 5-15 mm
Height: 1.6-4 m

Chimonobambusa purpurea
Dia: 1.5-5 cm
Height: 4-8 m
Chimonobambusa utilis
Dia: 2-3.5 cm
Height: 5-7 m

Company Information

Our Service:
1-Source best plant seeds from China
2-Propose the right varieties for the specific climate and soil condition
3-Provide planting instruction
4-Refund or replace if seeds fail to germinate


Packaging & Shipping


1-Do you provide samples?
Yes. Each new client is welcome to pick 5 free samples from our list after you added our shop to your favorite supplier. Whenever you place an order at our shop, you are also encouraged to pick other samples from our list, except those too rare varieties.

2-Do you provide planting guide?
Yes. Planting guide is provided upon request.

3-Can you provide Phytosanitary Certificate?

4-How long does it take to get my order shipped?
For seeds that we have enough stock, usually shipment is arranged within 3 working days; if stock happens to run out, our order will be shipped within 8 working days.

5-Can you assure successful delivery?
As plant seed is quite a special commodity for most countries, import permit and phytosanitary certificate are required in most cases for successful delivery. In case no import permit available, we will advice accordingly based on our experience.

6-Do you supply OEM service?
Yes, pls contact us for details.

7-What if your seeds fail to germinate?
Our seeds are tested regularly to ensure viability. We’d like to suggest a seed viability test as soon you receive the seeds. In case seeds fail to germinate, we will refund your money, or send you new harvest.

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