Through the type of automatic sand blasting machine manufacturers direct sales, customized automatic sand blasting machine

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Overall dimension
3900 mm * 1850 mm * 3100 mm (length * width * height)
Size of sandblasting area
1200mm * 1100mm * 350mm (length * width * height)
Outer dimension of dust removal box
1100mm * 1200mm * 2600mm (length * width * height)
Steel plate thickness
2.5-6mm low carbon wear-resistant steel plate, surface electrostatic spray treatment.
Spray gun specification
(20 * 8 * 60MM) 12 pieces of special wear-resistant spray gun of Baixiang brand
Conveying speed
0-3 M / min (intelligent frequency control)
Conveying motor
380V / 50Hz / 200W
Swing speed
0-60 RPM (intelligent frequency control)
Conveying motor
380V / 50Hz / 200W
Dust removal motor
380V / 50Hz / 5.5kW three-phase five wire six square 60 a leakage protection switch
Air source requirement
pressure 2-7 bar (kg / cm2)
Compression flow
8-12m3 / min
Total volume of equipment
Total weight
Total power
380V / 50Hz / 7.5kW

Scope of application:

It is suitable for sandblasting of flat plate, disc, tetragonal body, profile and other special-shaped workpieces, such as plane solid wood board, bamboo plate, stainless steel plate, combined steel plate, glass plate, stone, non stick pot, baking pan, toaster, computer case, functional DVD panel, notebook, computer motherboard, electric iron bottom plate, decorative parts, signboard badge, communication equipment, aluminum plate, etc Profile and other special-shaped parts, etc.

Features of Baixiang sandblasting machine:

Electroplating, spraying pretreatment, improve adhesion; various Mold, casting parts, stamping parts, metal, non-metallic surface heat treatment, oxide scale, residue, rust, oil removal, core renovation; all ceramic products, glass products, plastic products finishing, atomization; all metal products, glass, plastic products, surface treatment of the first decoration, glasses, clocks, stable constant pressure, sandblasting products do not deform. Installation of independent separator, saving sand, no dust leakage. Install muffler, low noise. The temperature control system is installed to keep the sand material constant temperature and not be affected by moisture, and the sand is not blocked during processing. Excellent materials, stable quality of the machine, less faults. Factory direct delivery, quality and after-sales more guarantee.


Advantages of choosing Baixiang sandblasting machine:

1. Electrostatic powder spraying on the surface of the fuselage, not easy to scratch, permanent rust.

2. Machine size, material and configuration can be customized according to customer requirements


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