Hot sale reduce wear aluminum preformed suspension clamp

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Hot sale reduce wear aluminum preformed suspension clamp


Preformed Suspension Clamps are used to hang conductor or ground wire through insulators or link fitting to tower arms or substation structures. The clamps are made of malleable iron or aluminium alloy.The preformed suspension clamps are mainly used for ADSS cable, OPGW cable and other kinds of wire in the connection of the pole tower.

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Suspension clamps

Place of origin

Shandong of China




Malleable iron or aluminium alloy.



Product Type

Power accessories


Product Description


The armour rods is made of aluminum alloy and aluminum clad has strong corrosion resistance and mechanical property,and greatly prolongs the service life.The spiral structure of inner and outer layer of the preformed increased the grip force of the clamps so that the clamps have better dynamic stress tolerance.


The products increases the contact area of the fiber optic cable ,and  provided with elastometer rubber insert, thereby improving the vibration resistance of the wire clamp itself, reducing the wear and tear, and better protecting the cable and prolonging the service life.


The suspension clamp has stress distribution is uniform, and there is no stress concentration point, which can strengthen the strength of the fiber optic cable installation point.


The wire clip is simple to install and does not require any professional tools. It can be done independently by one person. It has good installation quality and convenient for inspection.

7_13.jpgThe type is diverse, and has a wide range of applications.


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1.The preformed suspension clamps are used in ADSS cables and OPGW cables in two major categories.

2.Single angle vertical suspended clamp applicable line shall not exceed 25 degrees, use double suspension line clamp for vertical angle 25 degrees to 60 degrees.

3.This product can only be used by professional trained professionals.

4.The fittings, cables and personal safety shall be ensured during the operation.

5.You can not arbitrarily change the number and length of its components.

6.The outer preformed suspension clamps can not be reused.

7.If you have any questions, please contact our technical department.


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Shandong HaiHong Electric Power Equipment CO.,LTD,established in 2007, Located in Shandong, China (Mainland). We have 3000 square meters factory. Our main product including ADSS OPGW accessories(Performed Tension Clamp, Preformed Suspension Clamp,Vibration Damper, Cable Joint Box, Down Lead Clamp) and so on.

HaiHong have advanced production testing equipment, and with reference to the United States, Japan, Germany and other advanced industrial countries of technical standards, product quality, both at home and abroad enjoy high reputation, high quality quality of service, good reputation, has won the highly recognized by the majority of users.





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