Awesome!!Flight Simulator Cockpit Cinema 6dof Motion Platform Equip In Truck

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Awesome!!Flight Simulator Cockpit Cinema 6dof Motion Platform Equip In Truck

Truck Mobile 7D Cinema
7d cinema means interactive cinema, it’s the upgrading version for 5d cinema, which has unique interactive shooting system, not only the simulating special effects and dynamic effects. It’s a new digital movie technology,with interesting themes and powerful experience.
7D mobile cinema is more like an interactive game. Its most distinguishing feature is the engagement of the audience. You have to use this electric gun to shoot different targets during the whole process.
7D Effects Cinemas use highly comfortable seating combined with a number of ‘in-seat’ effects. These include a range of 3DOF (degrees of freedom) and 6DOF seat movements, vibration, push back, leg ticklers, water spray and air blast. Combine these with ‘in-theatre’ effects such as bubbles, snow, wind, rain, aroma, fire, laser, smoke and lighting to give an amazing experience to visitors..

The Truck Mobile 7D Cinema Equipment List 
Customers buy locally
Projection system
Two projectors, polarization 3D system, 3D glasses, etc
5.1 channel sound
Hd 3D metal screen
5D chair
5D Cinema Motion Chair x 6Seats
The special effects
Rain, Wind, lightning,Bubbles, snow,Lasers, smoke, fire
Control system
Independent intellectual property software control system

Six Compositions

Shuqee's six systems of 7D Theater

•\tScreen System as the most intuitive visual objects can restore the real film scene, including main types: Metal Screen, high-gain metal screen, Arc Screen, 360° Degree Screen;

•\tDigital Audio System: A new generation of 5D audio formats the sound from the sides of the audience, and even head to traditional theater audio into immersive atmosphere; and support audio delay to correct the sound reached to the precise synchronization;

• 7D Cinema Control System is the core parts of the whole technology 4D, and the he management staff use friendly, intuitive interface, is used to implement the theater all equipment within the main control and individual control;

•\tDigital Special Effect System: Lightning, Rain, Snow, Bubble, Windy, Smoke, Flame, Laser and Smell Simulation;
•\tDigital Playing System provides a wide applicability, high quality 5D solution, supports both 2D/4D and 4D movie playing; Adopt unique color filtering technology, with simple operation, powerful features, equipped with reusable 3D glasses, conducive to environmental protection;
•\tMotion Chair System: Water spray to face, spray air to face, movement, vibration, leg tickle, push back. 

Our Service

Why choose us

1.\tCertificate: CE, ISO9001:2008, GMC, Patent Certificates;
2.\tThe top team to research and develop the intelligent 4DM theater system – All electric system of green environmental protection;
3.\tPerfectly transform 3D/4D cinema into 5D cinema - Environmental effects deep accurate synchronization;
4.\tDozens of related technology patents – Focused more professional;
5.\tCustomized design – Prominent theme;
6.\tStandard cinema construction process – High-grade effect assurance;
7.\tRespond within one working days – Instant after- sale service.


Q1. Whether poster can be customized?

A: Yes. Our designer could design your favorite style for you.

Q2. The delivery fee and tax fee?

A: We will check the delivery fee for you after we confirm the amount products what you want, but the tax fee should check by yourself.

Q3. Is there English version of your control system?

A: Yes, we have multiple versions of languages.

Q4. Is there a system can count how many people watch the movie automatically?

A: Yes, we could add a sensor in the seat, then it could help you record the number of people.

Q5. How to operate the  motion cinema system?

A: Our system is one-buttom start, it is easy to operate, you just need to turn on the computer, projector and other equipments, and choose the movie you like from the computer, then you could enjoy the movie and effects.

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