Detection Kit for Bntorobater Sakazakii DNA pcr diagnostic test kit

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Product Overview


The product is suitable for qualitative detection of enterobacter sakazakii pathogen in food, digest, feces, cosmetics, etc.
Test Principle:
The kit utilizes a real-time fluorescent PCR detection technology and adopts a pair of specific primers and a specific fluorescent probe of Bntorobater sakazakii ,Bsz) to realize qualitative detection of enterobacter sakazakii pathogens in foods, digests, feces, cosmetics and the like.
Product advantage
1. Anti-pollution control, strong anti-interference ability
This product uses UNG enzyme, can effectively prevent pollution.
2. High convenience
Amplification is a reaction setup operation.
3. Line type standards
The amplification curve plateau obviously, the slope is big.
4. Strong compatibility
No need for multi-channel PCR instruments, suitable for a variety of fluorescence PCR instruments.
Storage conditions
- 20 ℃ to save; Avoid repeated freezing and thawing
Nucleic acid
The period of validity
12 months
Company Profile
Guangdong Huayin Medicine Science Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004 in Guangzhou, China. Huayin Medicine has always been focusing on molecular diagnostic techniques with strict quality control systems. Huayin Medicine obtained the Certificate of GMP issued by China National Medical Products Administration and ISO13485 in 2019. Huayin Medicine is consistently committed to R&D, production and service of in-vitro diagnostic products, including RT-PCR, ELISA diagnostic kits and equipment with the brand “HUARUIAN BIO”.
Q1:Why choose our company?
A1:Founded in 2004, Guangdong Huayin Medicine Science Co., Ltd. has been deeply engaged in in-vitro diagnosis industry for 16 years. It is a high-tech enterprise integrating production, research and development and sales.Huayin Medicine has successfully developed more than 200 kinds of TaqMan PCR diagnostic kits, 11 of which have gotten Certificates and Manufacture Approvals from CFDA. It was the first manufacturer that got a Certificate and Manufacture Approval of Influenza A Virus and Influenza B Virus upon the platform of FQ-PCR from CFDA in 2009. The production of this kit provided a solid technological barrier against the spreading of the flu virus.
Q2:May I have a box of samples?
A2:No, it is suggested that the buyer can buy one box for use.
Q3:What is a lyophilized reagent?
A3:Lyophilized reagents are a new type of high-tech technology that sublimates liquid reagents to a powder form without affecting any experimental results.Lyophilized reagents can be stored at room temperature, greatly reducing transportation costs and risks.
Q4:Can your company support OEM?
A4:Yes,we can.

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